Bivol: Stopping Smith is a good challenge

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Dmitry Bivol thinks his fight with Joe Smith Jr will be a good one for fight fans.

This Saturday streaming live on DAZN from Verona, New York, Dmitry Bivol defends his WBA “world” light heavyweight title against Joe Smith Jr in the main event.

Bivol (15-0, 11 KO) is the heavily favored man going on, with current odds somewhere around -2500 for Bivol, and +1000 for Smith (24-2, 20 KO). But Smith does have power, and he is a legitimate contender in the division.

Here are a few quotes from Bivol as he prepares for the fight:

“He’s a strong guy. I saw his fight against Bernard Hopkins, and he’s really strong. He has the same age like me, he’s young. But he has some minus points like many fighters that I will use to my advantage for my win. He moves forward a lot. This is a good challenge for me, to stop him.”

“I saw in his eyes when I met him, he wanted my belt. And I’m glad, because only that way it can make a good fight.”

”We are both of different styles. When two guys meet in the ring with different styles in boxing, it usually makes a good fight. I think it will be a good fight for boxing fans.”

”To be honest, I don’t think about the belt. I just think about who my opponent is, and what he can show me in the ring. All I think about is how I should beat him. In my sight, I feel like I should just beat him. Of course, the belt is good for history, but I only think about my opponent.”

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