Brant ‘comfortable’ ahead of rematch with Murata

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Brant goes to Osaka on July 12.

On Friday, July 12, Rob Brant goes to Osaka, Japan to face Ryota Murata in a middleweight rematch, for the WBA “world” title that Brant took from Murata last October.

Brant (25-1, 17 KO) was the underdog last fall when he took on Murata in Las Vegas, and pulled off not just a surprise win, but a surprisingly dominant performance, winning a very wide (and deserved) decision.

Brant says that he feels it’s fair to go to Japan for the contractually-obligated rematch, and that it doesn’t give him any nerves at all, as he’s simply confident in his ability:

“I thought it was right — he came to the United States and gave me a shot at the title. I feel it’s right for me to go to Japan and give him a shot back. … He’s like a LeBron James-type figure over there. When we went to the press conference, there were more people than were at some of my early pro fights. I’m excited for it more than I am intimidated by it. It’s the same wherever you go. I’m really comfortable and confident wherever we’re going to be.”

Murata (14-2, 11 KO) hasn’t fought since the loss to Brant, while Brant was out on Feb. 15, beating Khasan Baysangurov via 11th round TKO in Minnesota.

The rematch will stream live on ESPN+ on Friday, July 12.

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