Browne: Fight with Allen has all the makings to be great

1142212745.jpg.0 - Browne: Fight with Allen has all the makings to be great

The Aussie heavyweight is set for a battle with Dave Allen in London.

A few days ago, former WBA “world” heavyweight titleholder Lucas Browne remarked that he believes Saturday’s fight with Dave Allen in London has the ingredients to be a Fight of the Year contender.

It’s true that Browne (28-1, 24 KO) and Allen (16-4-2, 13 KO) seem well-matched for a good scrap, and Browne is continuing to push that he thinks this can be a great fight:

“Obviously I want to make money, and leave a legacy, but I want to be in good fights, and I think this has all the makings to be a great fight. I don’t look past this in any way whatsoever.”

Browne (28-1, 24 KO) just turned 40 on Sunday, and it has to be noted that he was knocked clean out by Dillian Whyte last March, which was the last competitive fight he made. He was also dropped in the second round and barely pulled out a referee’s decision in his last fight, a low-level club bout on March 2 against Kamil Sokolowski, who came in 6-14-2.

DAZN on Saturday.

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