Buatsi answers questions, but did Sunday night boxing deliver?

EjhKnCIWsAE12fU.0 - Buatsi answers questions, but did Sunday night boxing deliver?Matchroom Boxing

Matchroom Boxing put on their first Sunday card since 2016 with mixed results.

It’s frustrating whenever the narrative of boxing swings too far over to the business side. I mean, I get it. Ultimately, in a sport that has no fixed schedule or planned season of fixtures, the announcement of dates, times, venues and purses will always strike a chord with the fans – albeit a somewhat tedious chord.

Viewing figures and fight purses, for example, are ways for us to quantify the pull or worth of a fighter in today’s modern – and quite frankly, confused – society, detracting from the nuts and bolts of our honest and authentic appreciation of a fight or fighter.

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