Can Danny Garcia Stun The World?

Angel And Danny2 1 - Can Danny Garcia Stun The World?

By: Sean Crose

He’s beaten Erik Morales, Amir Khan, Zab Judah, and Lucas
Matthysse. He’s also bested the likes of Lamont Peterson, Paulie Malignaggi and
Robert Guerrero. Not all those names may end up in the Hall of Fame, but there
is no doubt they belong to talented and successful boxers. Yet each of them
fell before Philadelphia’s Danny Garcia. Morales may have been past his prime,
the Peterson fight may have been too close for comfort, but no one could argue
that Garcia didn’t rise to the occasion each and every time. All things being
equal, the multi-titlist has quite the resume.

What’s more, Garcia’s only been beaten twice, by Shawn Porter and Keith Thurman respectively. Major fighters both. Furthermore, both those loses were close fights. Long story, short: Danny Garcia is not a man to be taken lightly. And while it’s true the 36-2 fighter is heading into this weekend’s welterweight title fight against Errol Spence as the underdog, it’s good to keep in mind that Garcia should be considered anything but an afterthought. “We’ve been on pay-per-view before,” says Angel Garcia, who is both Garcia’s father and trainer. “It wasn’t our card, but to us it was. Nothing is going to phase Danny heading into this fight. It doesn’t matter what anyone on the outside is saying.”

Angel And Danny - Can Danny Garcia Stun The World?

One thing Garcia brings to the table is an incredible
toughness. As hard as Matthysse, Thurman and Porter could hit, for instance, Garcia
stayed on his feet against each man. On top that, the fighter has showed that
he can pack a punch himself when required. “Danny doesn’t just know how to win,” says Angel.
“He knows how to kick your ass.” The 32 year old also brings a very
polished skill set. Garcia may not be a stylistic ground breaker, but his
footwork and counterpunching make him a high level boxer, nonetheless.

Still, Garcia is going
to have the fight of his life when he steps into the ring at AT&T Stadium
outside Dallas on Saturday night to square off against the undefeated, 26-0
Spence. For one thing, Spence is incredibly strong. The Texan also has the
ability to bowl an opponent over. Yet, as his father/trainer Angel points out,
Garcia has been under the big lights of pay per view before. This most
deliberate of competitors won’t be overwhelmed by the moment. There’s also the
matter of Spence’s car accident, which the fighter remarkably survived last
year. Whether the crash will impact Spence’s performance remains to be seen. If
it does, however, Garcia can be expected to take advantage of the opportunity.

“You can say what you want to say at this
point,” Garcia says. “I’m here for the fight of my life. Come Saturday night, I
will be victorious.”

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