Davies hoping to reinvent himself Stateside

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Davies just scored a win over Miguel Vazquez, and is now looking towards bigger and better opportunities in America.

Fresh off a points win over Miguel Vazquez this past weekend in the U.K., junior welterweight Ohara Davies (19-2, 14 KOs) is hoping to keep his momentum going and start building an audience in America where he feels he can get a fresh start.

The outspoken Davies cultivated a divisive image for himself on his way up, using his loud and brash personality to market himself in the U.K. However in his first real test against Josh Taylor, Davies was brutalized in a humbling stoppage loss. Davies since came out to say that his public persona was never the real him, and that he was hoping to get a fresh start so that he could be his true authentic self.

Apparently Davies hasn’t had the best success shedding his past image, though, so now tells Sky Sports that he hopes to start fighting in America where he’ll have much more of a clean slate.

“A lot of people, they just don’t like me, obviously because of the things I’ve said in the past. I had a mask on in the past, with the way that I was acting, it wasn’t really me. Arrogant and stuff like that.

”Now that I’ve shown them my actual true self, they are still looking at me like my old self. They want to judge me on the way I used to act – that’s not the person that I am.”

So Davies believes that now is the time to start campaigning on the west side of the Atlantic, saying that American fans will be much more receptive to him.

“America is where my heart is at right now. I do really want to fight out there in the States. I feel like I’ll be loved a lot more out there in the States. The fans out there in America will take to me a lot more.”

Davies finishes by saying that he eventually hopes to fight in Las Vegas, where his idol Floyd Mayweather became a star attraction.

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