Donaire crushes Young in six, secures spot in WBSS finals

D5NU2aZW0AAsGve.5 - Donaire crushes Young in six, secures spot in WBSS finals

Nonito Donaire took care of business and moves onto the WBSS finals.

Nonito Donaire (40-5, 26 KOs) secured his place in the World Boxing Super Series’ bantamweight finals tonight on DAZN, absolutely crushing late replacement Stephon Young (18-2-3, 7 KOs) with a perfect left hook in Round 6. The official stoppage came at 2:37 seconds.

Young started the fight in a defensive responsible fashion, using a lot of lateral movement and slick defense to try to keep Donaire — who was the noticeably larger man in the ring — from running him over. He had some success doing that early but didn’t really get much offense off.

Then by the end of the second round Young started to find a home for his left hand repeatedly, and although he had a hard time stopping Donaire from coming forward, he did make him pay for it even if he had to eat some bigger shots in order to do so. But as the fight wore on Donaire’s bigger size and bigger punch started to take a toll on Young, who continued to fight valiantly but was just overmatched. And once Donaire had Young sufficiently wounded, here’s how he ended the fight.

Despite the win, though, Donaire still showed that he’s not the dynamo he once was, and the fact that he was getting repeatedly caught with the same punch was a bit concerning going forward, especially as he’s presumed to be taking on Naoya Inoue in the finals. For now, at least, Donaire has a Knockout of the Year candidate.

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