Garcia: Sanchez was with GGG when he was nothing

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Garcia shares his perspective on Sanchez and Golovkin parting ways.

With news still ringing about the unexpected break-up between Gennady Golovkin and longtime trainer Abel Sanchez, another longtime trainer in Robert Garcia shares his thoughts on how that whole situation played out, and why he can understand the perspectives from both sides. Check it out…

Garcia on the Sanchez-Golovkin break up:

“Abel is a great trainer and I think a trainer like him, myself, Freddie Roach, and all the great trainers out there right now…I think when a trainer has been working with that one fighter for many years, almost 10 years, and brought him in when he was making no money at all and build him to become the superstar that he became, made him one of the best middleweights in the world, knocking everybody out, 17-18 knockouts in a row or whatever it is, he’s a Hall of Famer, a lot of people think he’s the best middleweight ever — maybe people have a different opinion but a lot of people do believe that he would beat all those great middleweights in the world — so they did it together.

“So if the fighter makes it that big to where he’s getting a fuckin’ $100M contract, I think the trainer deserves his percentage. So I understand what Abel’s talking about. I understand Abel’s position, which he would still make a lot of money for whatever — I don’t know the numbers — but whatever they offered him I’m sure it was still a lot of money, but he also knows his worth. He also knows the nine years that he killed himself to treat him the way he did and to make him the superstar. He pretty much focused on just [Golovkin], that was his main focus. So he’s got the right to be upset.

“But I also understand GGG’s point. You know, we’re already at the last phase of our career. You know, I already accomplished so much, now I wanna keep most of the money, I have a lot of family, I have this, I have that — I understand GGG also. Look, other trainers, whoever he hires — I don’t even know who he’s gonna hire — but whoever he hires might agree to a lesser percentage because they didn’t go through those nine years with GGG. They didn’t go through those fights with reporters, with fans, ‘cause I know Abel did!…so maybe another trainer is gonna agree to a lesser amount, but nobody went through that with GGG. So both sides are understandable…It sucks that it has to end like that but I understand both positions.

“They’re both right but me, as a trainer, I take Abel’s side because he worked with him for too many years — nine years — when he was nothing, when nobody knew who he was. I know because top promoters rejected GGG, they didn’t want to sign GGG, because ten years ago, nine years ago, nobody cared about eastern European guys. Nobody cared.

“Right now that’s all people talk about: the Lomachenkos, the Kovalevs, Usyk — you know what I mean — GGG. That’s what’s happening right now. So right now everybody wants to work with Russians — we say ‘Russians’ but it’s all of ‘em. Everybody wants to work with Russians, every promoters, but Top Rank, Golden Boy, they all wanted nothing to do with Russians ten years ago. And GGG was one of those. Abel was there, Abel started it, Abel believed in him. So I understand Abel, why he’s upset.”

On if he would want to train GGG:

“I would love, but I’m just saying though, there’s great trainers out there. Definitely [I’d like to work with him], why not? I would love to be apart of it, he’s a great person from when I’ve met him, he’s always shown me nothing but respect. I’ve never said anything negative about him but I do think that Canelo beat him that second fight. The first fight I thought the draw was fair but when I seen it on TV I told everybody ‘I think GGG won the first fight.’ Maybe I could train him to beat Canelo the third time. Who knows?”

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