Garcia wants big fight next, calls out top PBC stars

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Danny Garcia wants to get into the big fight mix again next time out.

Flying under the radar last night with all the Crawford-Khan hoopla was another top welterweight in action, as Danny Garcia knocked out Adrian Granados in a PBC on FOX main event from California.

On his performance against Granados

“I felt good. I felt like in the past, my last couple fights, I wasn’t at my best. In the Rios, the Porter fight, I felt like I got too comfortable in my career. I didn’t give the extra push, and I did it for this camp. That’s the Danny Garcia you’re gonna see for the rest of my career.”

On facing Pacquiao, Thurman, Porter

“I want any of them, or even Errol Spence.”

On being the first guy to dominate Granados

“In order for me to make a statement tonight, I had to stop him. That was the game plan, to break him down. I’ve got too many tools, I’m a talented fighter. I can’t let a fighter like that hang with me for so many rounds. I’m just a different type of fighter. I told him that he never fought a fighter like me, and I showed that tonight.”

On landing his left hook

“I haven’t landed that in a minute. It felt good landing that big left hook.”

On grading his performance

“I felt like I did good. I did great, man. A+. I’m proud. I did great.”

On Granados trying to hang on

“I felt him getting weaker. I felt like he wanted to get closer to me to make it a dogfight, but I surprised him when I stood there with him and started banging back to the body. Then the following round, I started making him miss, and that’s how I stopped him.”

On whether the hook was the plan

“The plan actually was right hands, to land a lot of right hands, cut the ring off to the right.”

On whether he was surprised Granados’ corner didn’t stop it earlier

“I was putting it on him, but he’s a tough kid. I seen in his eyes he was still there, but I could tell mentally he was breaking down.”

On the difference in power

“Honestly, I didn’t feel like I was stronger than him, I just thought my timing was better than his. Then I landed a couple big shots, I hurt him, that’s when I knew I was the stronger guy.”

On what he wants next

“Manny Pacquiao said he wants to fight me, I’m hoping to fight him. Keith Thurman, Shawn Porter, or Errol Spence. Any of the top names. I definitely want to avenge my losses to Porter and Thurman.”

On if he thinks Thurman or Porter would avoid him

“I hope not. I gave them the opportunity, they gotta give me the opportunity.”

On if he should be on pay-per-view

“I felt like I should’ve been a pay-per-view, but it’s all about timing. My time is now, my time is coming. If it’s not the next one, I’m gonna get my pay-per-view shot one day. When I do do it, it’s gonna be a lot of sales, a lot of buys. It’s not just to say I was on pay-per-view.”

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