GGG, DAZN reportedly having trouble finalizing deal

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GGG to DAZN is still the expected outcome, but talks are moving slowly.

Last week, word went around that Gennady Golovkin had decided to sign with DAZN, and that an announcement was expected soon. But there’s been nothing official since then, and now ESPN reports that the two sides are having some issues finalizing the deal.

The talks are “moving along at its continued snail pace,” a source with knowledge of the talks told ESPN. “Nothing is imminent.”

It still sounds as though Golovkin (38-1-1, 34 KO) will eventually make the deal with DAZN, just not so quickly as had been previously hoped. He did speak with Showtime and ESPN, but there’s been nothing on that front for a while now. In theory, either of these networks could re-enter the game here, but the biggest fights for GGG are with DAZN.

Chiefly, the working idea has been for GGG to fight Canelo Alvarez a third time in September on DAZN, if Alvarez beats Daniel Jacobs on May 4. (And who knows, maybe even if he doesn’t. It’d still be a big fight, and there’s still unfinished business there.)

Golovkin, who turns 37 in about a month, is winding down his in-ring days and looking to get his feet into the promotional pool. Part of his supposed deal with DAZN would guarantee him dates on the platform for his fighters.

So right now you can still expect GGG to sign with DAZN at some point, but the deal isn’t done and doesn’t appear as though it’s going to be done in the coming days or anything.

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