Golovkin on Canelo-Jacobs, Loeffler on Canelo-GGG III

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Tom Loeffler says DAZN wants Canelo-GGG III for the fall, and Gennady Golovkin discusses Canelo-Jacobs.

Gennady Golovkin was in New York on Monday to officially announce his June 8 DAZN debut against Steve Rolls, saying it will be a good fight while also adding, along with Tom Loeffler, that DAZN pushed for the matchup out of what was available, believing it will drive subscriptions in Canada.

Golovkin also talked about a fight people are actually excited about, the May 4 clash on DAZN between Canelo Alvarez and Daniel Jacobs, two fighters Golovkin has faced in the past. He and Loeffler also addressed his desire to face Canelo for a third time, whether or not he’d do it again in Las Vegas, and Alvarez saying Golovkin needs a title belt to make it happen.

On Canelo vs Jacobs

“I think it’s very hard to predict. It’s definitely going to be a very important fight for middleweight, it’s going to be a very important fight for boxing in general. It’s hard to say. I think it’s going to be pretty even keel.”

On Daniel Jacobs having a fair shot to win

“Everyone has a chance. Everyone has a possibility to win. This is box, this is even stuff, so everyone has a chance.”

On why he signed with DAZN

“There’s multiple reasons. First of all, DAZN is developing, and it’s very interesting for me to see how they’re developing, how they’re thinking, and I’d like to be part of their development.”

On what he thinks the deciding factor is between Canelo and Jacobs

“It’s hard for me to tell. They’re different boxers with different styles, but it’s going to be an interesting fight no matter what. I think the winners in that fight will be the audience.”

On Jacobs saying GGG knows he lost their fight in 2017

“I don’t speak for others. I only speak for myself. It’s just good tact not to speak about other fighters, so I speak only for myself.”

On whether he’d face Canelo or Jacobs if Jacobs wins on May

“I have at least six fights on this contract. It’s hard to say who’s going to win, but I would like to fight the best fighters.”

On if he’s felt the need to change his training after the Canelo fights

“Of course the process has started of changing some things. I think the fight will show I do stuff differently now.”

On Canelo saying Golovkin needs a title for a third fight

“I think Canelo is incorrect to say that. We will have to live and see what’s going to happen before we decide.”

“I’m hoping the fight will happen, but it’s not because I will or will not have a title. We’re not going to look at what he’s demanding, such as a title. I’m hoping to fight him, title or not.”

Tom Loeffler: “That third fight between GGG and Canelo is still one of the biggest fights in the sport of boxing, and that’s a big reason why Gennady signed with DAZN, that was the clearest path for that. DAZN obviously wants that fight for its subscribers. When GGG had the titles, he had no problem fighting Canelo with no title. In fact, Canelo got stripped of his title; the only Mexican fighter in history that had the WBC title that gave up that title in order not to fight GGG at the time that was mandated. I don’t think the titles are going to make a difference. Both GGG and Canelo are above needing the title at this point in their career. Something like that, a statement like that or a statement from Oscar (De La Hoya), I think that’s just posturing for whatever negotiations they’re going to try to do with DAZN in order to make that fight. But DAZN has made it clear to Gennady that that’s definitely the fight they want to see for the fall.”

On lobbying for a third Canelo fight outside of Las Vegas

“I’m a fighter, so I will fight no matter what. If it seems that the fight is going to Vegas, now we know, we’ve seen Vegas’ true colors, and of course we’ll not try to get out of the fight, but we’ll try to see if we can change the situation for the better for both fighters.”

Tom Loeffler: “Canelo fought (in New York) in December, he sold out MSG. He told the Garden that he liked fighting here. Gennady’s fought here and built his career here at Madison Square Garden. I think the third fight will come down to economics, (what venue) makes the highest offer. The first two fights with Canelo, there was no option for Gennady. They put it to us that Canelo will fight GGG only in Las Vegas. We love Las Vegas, we love the MGM, the T-Mobile Arena, the way he was treated, but when you — arguably, when two fights in a row and only one judge out of six judges scores for (Golovkin), there’s something wrong. Whatever the reason is, there’s something wrong with that. That’ll be a big part of the negotiation as well, the location, because as of now, he’s not obligated to fight in Las Vegas, like he was the first two fights.”

On whether it was hard to start over again as a contender trying to regain titles

“I don’t feel like I lost those fights, and the judges’ decisions do not necessarily affect me, because inside I do feel like I won those two fights. So I don’t necessarily see myself as a contender. I’m moving on with my camp, I’m training a certain way, and my fights will show.”

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