Hearn and Dana White meet up in Las Vegas ahead of Canelo-Jacobs

danawhite 2019 Apr 29.0 - Hearn and Dana White meet up in Las Vegas ahead of Canelo-Jacobs

A boxing promoter and a mixed martial arts promoter walk into what appears to be a gym or something, bartender says, “What

It’s Matchroom Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn and UFC President Dana White together. Check out these two wealthy, powerful combat sports figures tweeting like a couple of young lads announcing on social media that they’re about to go out drinking together and stir up some real trouble over at their buddy Ted’s house party.

Actually, I guess it would be kind of nice to have a major boxing promoter who isn’t trying to continue some imagined “war” with mixed martial arts or UFC in particular.

Hearn is in Las Vegas promoting Daniel Jacobs against Golden Boy’s Canelo Alvarez, which will stream live this Saturday night on DAZN, while White is in Las Vegas because he lives there, I think. Hang on, let me Google “where does dana white live” — yeah, he lives in Las Vegas.

We’re all still waiting on those big names to jump ship to Zuffa Boxing. In the meantime, UFC Fight Pass does keep adding more live boxing to its service, with shows promoted by Roy Jones Jr being joined by Lou DiBella’s long-running Broadway Boxing series and an upcoming Murphys Boxing card, plus the recent announcement of the service’s first world title boxing matchup on June 19, when Kazuto Ioka faces Aston Palicte in Japan.

But I just hope these boys don’t get too rowdy and break a window over at Ted’s!!!

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