Hearn: Don’t believe everything you hear about DAZN money problems

1000879544.jpg.0 - Hearn: Don’t believe everything you hear about DAZN money problemsPhoto by Johnny Nunez/Getty Images for DAZN

Hearn says he has a meeting later this week with the streaming platform to discuss boxing’s schedule.

There have been reports surfacing as of late that suggest that the DAZN streaming platform is struggling financially and looking to raise more capital to preserve its future. But amidst these reports and rumors, Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn says everything is copacetic considering the circumstances.

“Don’t believe everything you hear,” Hearn said about DAZN. “I’ve got meetings Friday to sort the schedule.

“There is no DAZN situation. You know, every time I post I’ve got a million bots that go ‘oh yeah, DAZN has gone broke, DAZN this and that.’ Just wait and see. We’ve got a meeting on Friday to discuss the schedule coming up. It ain’t ideal times for anybody! I mean, if you’ve got a subscription company that thrives off live sport and there’s been no live sport, it’s obviously not the best. But we’re crackin’ on, mate.”

Hearn is currently in the process of transforming the backyard of his mansion into a temporary fight venue which will be used to host some new content for the streaming service following the coronavirus shutdown. But for now we’ll just have to see how effectively that plan comes together.

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