Hearn: Miller must’ve been so afraid of Joshua

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Eddie Hearn shares some of his thoughts on Jarrell Miller flunking multiple drug tests.

In an interview with iFL TV, Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn gives his impression on Jarrell Miller testing positive for multiple banned substances which ended his fight against Anthony Joshua before it even began.

“I’ll be honest with you, it is fuckin’ unbelievable….I know Jarrell Miller well, I’ve given him quite a few opportunities. Don’t get me wrong, he’s been worth it all the way, but what he has done, to be quite honest with you, is absolutely disgusting.

“And I always hope, and I always wanna give athletes the benefits of the doubt to say, ‘ok, you took something, someone gave you something to take, or you didn’t know what you were taking.’ But you know what…the way he failed that test on Monday, text me, text you to say ‘I swear I have not taken anything! This is sabotage, this is just the system against me’ — fuck off!

“It makes me sick, sick, that someone would go to those lengths in a fight. People have died in the ring, you know?…This guy’s tried to get such an edge — and not just an edge of a lil’ something, this is the whole hook. This is a man who was so possessed to get an edge over Anthony Joshua in a fight that could’ve — who knows what could’ve happened. Anthony Joshua could’ve been injured in the ring that night. Something even worse. And all because the man weren’t big enough, weren’t brave enough, to do it right, to do it as a sport. He had to cheat. He had to try and cheat the system.

“And it’s frightening to think that this could go on, and we know it goes on, but today — this extensive level — and this is a guy who signed for VADA testing. It’s not a guy who goes ‘oh no, I don’t wanna get tested.’ He knows he’s gonna get tested like every week. What are you doing?! Like cheating’s bad enough but the bare face cheek of it to try and get through this — you must’ve been so afraid of this fight, you must’ve been so afraid of Anthony Joshua that you have to get this edge. And I am absolutely disgusted…

“This is probably the most extensive case of cheating in this sport that we have ever seen.”

Check out the full video interview with Hearn above.

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