Hearn: Top Rank’s recent shows have been ‘absolutely dreadful’

Screen Shot 2019 04 12 at 10.16.45 AM.0 - Hearn: Top Rank’s recent shows have been ‘absolutely dreadful’

Eddie Hearn shares his thoughts on Bob Arum calling him out for not knowing how to promote Stateside.

In this lengthy media scrum captured by Fight Hub TV, Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn give his reaction to Bob Arum criticizing his promotional skills in the U.S. market and goes into details as to why DAZN’s model is better for fighters than PPV. Check out some excerpts below…

Hearn on Arum’s comments that he ‘doesn’t know dick’ about promoting in the U.S.:

“I spoke to my dad about it today…he’s always told me ‘when you shake [Arum’s] hand make sure you count your fingers after.’ That’s the first thing he told me. And the second thing he told me was…’[the reason he’s saying you need to learn from me] is because I never invaded his space. I was never a threat to him.’ So what I am is a big threat to Bob, but I have so much respect for him as a promoter — and as a man at 87 years old I find it hard to fire back at him too much.

“Being around Bob the other day at the press conference, I learned a lot. I’ve been in the American market for 6 months, and he’s been in the American market for, I don’t know, 40 years. So he’s probably right, I probably do know dick about promoting in America compared to him. But you can’t just come here in 6 months and expect to know the world. I mean if you want to get ultra critical of Bob, I think his shows lately have been absolutely dreadful.

“Like when was the last major fight card that Top Rank put on? I’m talking about major fight card…It’s been a long time. I mean last week the put on a Bulgarian against a Romanian on ESPN. It was the lowest rated audience since ESPN’s return to boxing. Right? So when you talk about ESPN and what it does and Lomachenko, he’s ‘Picasso’ — they haven’t sold the tickets at the Staples Center. No one’s talking about the fight. So these are the things that I should be saying back to him but I don’t wanna start — I genuinely have a lot of respect for Bob Arum. I’m actually quite honored that he’s even talking about me as much as he is.

“One thing I have to correct him on — he talks about…’Joshua’s got to leave Hearn, leave DAZN.’ Joshua is not with DAZN. He has a fight by fight deal I believe his future will be with DAZN, but at the moment we’re being very careful to make sure that those career-defining fights are available to Joshua without network obstruction. And I will make sure that is the case. And the same can’t be said about Tyson Fury.

“I actually think Bob’s under a lot of pressure from ESPN, and also the UFC, because the UFC are driving all the numbers on ESPN+, not Bob Arum. And actually he’s under pressure because he doesn’t have any big fights for Tyson Fury…”

On DAZN not having a PPV platform for fighters:

“They don’t need a PPV platform ‘cause they’re paying the money. PPV is one of those things where it’s easy for me to a fighter ‘this fight is gonna a million buys, it’s gonna do two million buys!’ then it goes out and does 500,000 buys. DAZN are guaranteeing the PPV revenue, it’s a whole different model. So what they’re doing in the Jacobs-Canelo fight is guaranteeing an amount of buys that is probably not achievable. So for the fighter it’s amazing…It’s amazing for a fighter to not have to worry about the PPV buys and sit there and sweat on your check.”

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