Highlights: Watch Charlo’s body shot knockout of Rosario

Ei5j0HoWoAEBwm0.0 - Highlights: Watch Charlo’s body shot knockout of RosarioAmanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

It was a KO you don’t see often, if ever. Take a good look at Jermell Charlo’s knockout of Jeison Rosario.

Jermell Charlo’s knockout of Jeison Rosario isn’t the type of finish you see in boxing every day, or often, or ever, really.

Early in the eighth round, Charlo (34-1, 18 KO) connected on a jab to the body, which basically seemed to simultaneously knock the wind out of and almost paralyze Rosario (20-2-1, 14 KO), leading to a 10-count and Charlo hoisting three 154-pound title belts.

@TwinCharlo the belts. UNIFIED CHAMP. #CharloDoubleheader pic.twitter.com/YwwEN0CMN3

— SHOWTIME Boxing (@ShowtimeBoxing) September 27, 2020

Here’s another shot of it:

Again, as we keep saying, it’s definitely an unusual KO, but it was a clean, hard shot that landed, and if you watch closely, it’s clear the impact it had on the gut.

Charlo had previously shown off his power, dropping Rosario in the first round on a clipping left hook high on the head, and hurting him significantly with this shot in the sixth:

Rosario did have some success in the fight, and trailed 66-65, 67-64, and 67-64 at the time of the stoppage, but the power of Charlo was simply too much for him tonight.

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