Jermell bristles at supposed negativity at Jermall’s post-fight presser

030 Jermall Charlo x Brandon Adams.0 - Jermell bristles at supposed negativity at Jermall’s post-fight presser

The Charlos have been a focal point in the sport over the past week.

The Charlo train kept on a rollin,’ with the middleweight twin getting the W one week after the 154 Charlo got that hand raised.

The records got bolstered, after Jermall (29-0 with 21 KOs), now holding the WBC 160 strap, bettered Brandon Adams in Houston, in front of his hometown crew. Last Sunday, Jermell (32-1, 16 KOs) snagged a win, as he took out Jorge Cota in Las Vegas.

He was emotional after that loss, experiencing his first defeat as a professional — and it is clear, softening stance or no, he still retains the bristles.

Jermell said they would “keep tuning out these negative people,” and then his mic went on the fritz, coincidentally.

“They tend to talk so negatively about me and my brother,” he said, but both just want to fight the best in the biz, that’s his take, so the negativity he sees doesn’t make sense to him. He again referred to the media member, who, it seems, had made mention of how the twins are works in progress as humans beings. He seemed to chafe at an implication that he or they weren’t always comfortable in their own skin. Looks like a nerve got hit; and yes, strong media coverage will tend to do that. The definition of “news” is that which happens which someone, somewhere doesn’t want you to know or share. Other than that, much of the time, the coverage is “public relations.”

I’m going to pick a side here, in favor of the media member, because I know the import of what we do, and I see every day outside of the boxing sphere how the attempted diminishment of press by people in power is an effective tool in maintaining power pockets and influence.

That said, the fighter vs media angle is less interesting to most readers than the actual fights. So we finish by pondering what is next for Jermall. He declared himself happy with the outing, and noted that the NRG Arena was sold out. But it seems to me that for him and bro, those super fights, versus the Canelos and GGGs and such, those will have to be booked and play out, because they talk about them, the fans crave them, and in order to fully back up that “Lions Only” stance, the twins will need to get the W in those fights.

And until then, other fights will get made, inside and outside the ring, and a decent measure of attention will be paid to the 29-year-olds, who have a blend of skills and attitude and behavior which makes them attractions.

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