Khan looking to make Saudi Arabia a big fight capital

1156938484.jpg.0 - Khan looking to make Saudi Arabia a big fight capital

Khan intends on making Saudi Arabia every bit as big a fight destination as Las Vegas, New York, and London.

With Amir Khan set to take on Billy Dib tomorrow in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Khan talks about his big plans for the region, hoping to cultivate Saudi Arabia into a landing spot for big global boxing fights for years to come. During his final press conference at the Jeddah Hilton Hotel, Khan said his fight with Dib is only the beginning.

“My fight with Dib is breaking new ground here and I want to put on a real show for the public that have not seen big championship boxing before or have only seen it on TV. I’m sure once they see it and feel the excitement, it will give them a big appetite for it so they can’t wait to see the next show,”

“This is just the start of our plans, we intend to make Saudi Arabia a big-fight capital just like Las Vegas, New York and London and in time I believe that it will be just as big as those cities.”

Khan goes on to cite his Super Boxing League in the area, saying he believes it will be a breeding ground for new champions, hoping to discover the first Saudi Olympic gold medalist or world champion.

You’ve gotta hand it to Khan, you just can’t knock the sheen off his ambition.

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