Lomachenko: Gervonta doesn’t think he can beat me, that’s why he won’t take the fight

Screen Shot 2019 04 11 at 1.42.30 PM.0 - Lomachenko: Gervonta doesn’t think he can beat me, that’s why he won’t take the fight

Vasiliy Lomachenko talks about tomorrow’s fight against Anthony Crolla, and what he thinks about fighting Gervonta Davis.

During this sit down interview with Fight Hub TV, lightweight titleholder Vasiliy Lomachenko gets completely honest about the likelihood of tomorrow’s fight against Anthony Crolla being a stinker, and why he thinks Gervonta Davis and his team won’t take a fight with him…

Lomachenko on what about Anthony Crolla worries him the most:

“You know, his style is very, very defense and I think for American fans it will be not very interesting, because he sit every time in the defense and wait for your mistake. So I have my strategy so it will be, for me, little bit hard because I always, every round, I will need to find the key for his defense.”

On being worried that this will be a boring fight:

“Yes, of course. Because I always think about my fans and I always think about interesting show in the ring. That’s why I think about this. That’s why I show and talk about this moment about his defense.”

On if that means he’ll have to be more assertive on offense:

“Yes. Yes. Yes.”

On if that could cause him to get an early knockdown rather than breaking down Crolla over time:

“No, no. I’m talking about I need a longer time, a bigger time, you know, to find the key. Because he always [hide].”

On if he’s confident he’ll land a lightweight unification bout with Mikey Garcia:

“Now I am very close to my dream [of becoming undisputed champion]. I left just two more belts. I don’t wanna run behind a train but next fight will maybe be a unificate with a Richard Commey. So, ‘what about Mikey?’ Mikey, it depends [on] him. It depends can he come back in a 135 but now he’s still 135 world champion so we’ll see. It depends [on] him…”

On what he believes is standing in the way of a fight with Garcia:

“Different size, different weight classes, I think. Because for him it’s very hard cut to 135 now, I think. But if he can cut a weight, I’m ready.”

On what he made of Garcia’s fight against Spence:

“I don’t like this fight. You know, I don’t like it because before the fight I told about situation in the fight. Happened all what I told. Too much size, bigger size, too much bigger weight. It’s not his size and not his weight.”

On people wanting to see him fight Gervonta Davis but Davis’ team saying they want to take their time and make that fight on their own terms:

“Because they understand. They understand boxing. That’s why they don’t want to organize this fight. He can’t win me. He can’t win. That’s why they don’t take this fight.”

On if he thinks Davis and his team will eventually want to fight him once he gets long in the tooth:

“Maybe, maybe, maybe. I don’t know his strategy…but everybody who understand and who love boxing, who follow boxing, they understand I’m ready for anybody and a lot of times I told about Gervonta Davis — I’m ready fight with him — but it depends. First of all it’s our promoter, and second place it’s his choice. But I think he didn’t believe he [can win] that’s why he don’t wanna take this fight.”

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