Lomachenko: Lopez doesn’t fully understand what he’s in for

1171400486.jpg.0 - Lomachenko: Lopez doesn’t fully understand what he’s in forPhoto by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Lomachenko says Lopez will have to answer for all of his brash talk this weekend.

Unified lightweight titleholder Vasiliy Lomachenko sits down with Mark Kriegel to field some questions about his big fight this weekend against Teofimo Lopez. When discussing the fight, Lomachenko makes it clear that Lopez will have to back up his trash talk inside the ring and hopes for a chance to give Lopez a beating he’ll remember. Check out some excerpts below…

Lomachenko on not really being a full-fledged lightweight and what’s the most difficult part fighting in this division:

“The most difficult part is measurements, reach and size. Nothing else.”

On the younger/bigger guy usually having the advantage in these fights, and why this will be different:

“Because what matters is strategy, the skill to think fast and make decisions. This is the key to victory.”

On Lopez calling him a bitch and a diva:

“Perhaps they didn’t teach him in his neck of the woods that you have to watch your tongue. And when you’re saying such things, you have to answer for them. You can’t simply insult a person because you don’t like him.”

On if he wants to beat Lopez, or really just beat him up:

“First of all, I want to win this fight. But if I have the chance to make it unpleasant for him, so that he feels it and remembers, I’ll certainly do so.”

On if Lopez truly understands what he’s up against:

“I don’t think he fully gets it. It seems to me that he doesn’t understand. I hope to drag him into deep waters, down to the bottom, and keep him underwater without air.”

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