McIntyre: ‘We heard that Khan was getting beat up in the gym’

968044450.jpg.0 - McIntyre: ‘We heard that Khan was getting beat up in the gym’

Brian McIntyre, never one to be shy, gives some fight week thoughts on Crawford-Khan.

There was no trash talk between the main event combatants, no attempts at one-upsmanship, no one trying to gain an edge by looking to show the other one up or staring them down.

Terence Crawford and Amir Khan both acted dutifully in their time at the media gathering held at Everybody Fights at 41st and Madison in NYC on Tuesday.

The top of the card showed up. Felix Verdejo, Skakur Stevenson, Teofimo Lopez, Crawford and Khan, and the B-sides they will clash with. And of course Bob Arum; I chatted with the Top Rank bossman, who said yes, at 87, he damn well still gets a jolt from being in Madison Square Garden for big bouts. (Yes, he said, he expects the joint to be full for Saturday night.)

And there are different storylines for each of these fights, something to make them a bit more special, which doesn’t always happen.

Verdejo needs to show he’s serious about fighting and that his time with strength and conditioning coach Memo Heredia has paid off. Stevenson wants to show that he is the hottest young gun prospect on the planet, as he declared to me he was during a chat. Lopez wants to keep up his momo, be the first guy to stop Edis Tatli, and bang the drums so the public will push for a Lomachenko vs Lopez bout maybe by the end of the year.

And of course Crawford wants to win in a fashion that will have pundits seeing some distance between him and Loma, so that Bud is seen by more of the pundit class as pound-for-pound No. 1.

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