PBC Recap: Kroll Decisions Santamaria

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By: Sean Crose

Paul Kroll, a rising welterweight with a 7-0 record, faced off Saturday night against the 11-1-1 Lucas Santamaria. The first round was a relatively close affair. Kroll was rattled by a gut shot in the second, but emerged from the shaky moment seemingly no worse for wear to fight on in the third. The fourth round saw Kroll perhaps being a bit less aggressive than he should. Kroll stalked his man in the fifth.

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By the sixth it appeared that Kroll was the more active of the two fighters. Neither man seemed to be landing particularly well in the seventh. Santamaria threw a lot and missed a lot in the eighth. The last few seconds of the round, however, were quite exciting, with Santamaria placing Kroll up against the ropes. The ninth saw Kroll landing a bit. The final round was close with both men trying to land effectively.

The judges ruled it for Kroll to by scores of 96-94, 99-91, and 99-91.

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