Pros react to Crawford’s sudden stoppage win over Brook

1229624789.5 - Pros react to Crawford’s sudden stoppage win over BrookPhoto by Mikey Williams/Top Rank Inc via Getty Images

Terence Crawford felt it out, and then he finished another opponent.

Terence Crawford went to 37-0 (28 KO) tonight in Las Vegas, turning back a challenge from former welterweight titlist Kell Brook via violent fourth round stoppage in the ESPN main event.

Crawford felt things out early, as he generally does, but once he saw the openings, he was clearly looking to pounce. He got that opportunity pretty early in the fourth, and hurt Brook badly, scoring a knockdown when Brook staggered into the ropes, and then finishing off pretty much as quickly as boxing resumed.

While beating the 34-year-old Brook (39-3, 27 KO) may not be what changes the minds of anyone who still doubted Crawford, or still doubts his place among the sport’s very elite (it’s not many, but there are certainly some who do), there can really be no question that Crawford is among the very best finishers in boxing, if not the very best finisher in boxing today. When he smells blood, he closes.

That was a big focus of the post-fight chatter, including from some fellow pros. See what they had to say after the fight’s sudden end:

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