Smith: I’d jump at a chance to fight Canelo

1022427124.jpg.0 - Smith: I’d jump at a chance to fight Canelo

Smith is currently scheduled to face Hassan N’Dam on June 1.

WBA super middleweight champion Callum Smith has just been formally announced to be taking on Hassan N’Dam as the Anthony Joshua vs. Andy Ruiz Jr. co-feature bout, but he’s also keeping an eye on what may come afterwards.

Talking to Sky Sports, Smith reacts to hearing Canelo Alvarez’s team mentioning his name as a possible future opponent for the Mexican star.

“Canelo is a superstar in boxing and he mentioned my name after his fight,” Smith said. “I’m sure our teams can sit down and, if that fight can be made, it’s something I would jump at.

“I’ll take care of business on June 1 – I’ve got a tough fight with N’Dam – and providing I come through with no injuries then there are a lot of big names [for me to fight next].”

Naturally, just about any fighter would be eager for a chance to fight Canelo Alvarez because it would certainly represent big money against a big star attraction, and often times in order to become a star attraction, you must knock another off first.

Smith isn’t expected to have a whole lot of trouble against N’Dam in just a couple weeks, so you can be sure he’ll be trying to get his ducks in a row (no pun intended) while he tries to land something major.

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