Spence, Garcia discuss their November clash

1178455739.jpg.0 - Spence, Garcia discuss their November clashPhoto by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Two PBC welterweights will collide this fall.

During this virtual chat with Brian Kenny for PBC, welterweights Errol Spence and Danny Garcia talk about their November 21st fight and their expectations for the bout. Check out some excerpts below with the video above.

Spence on how he thinks the fight with Garcia will play out:

“I got so many gears. I can box. I can fight, bang, sit there. I can give you angles. You know, Danny just has one gear: counterpunch and be patient. With me, basically, you got to train for everything. On the day I’m going to dictate everything that’s going to happen in the fight.”

Garcia on what he has to say about Spence’s assessment:

“I’ma have to disagree with that. I outbox the sluggers and I outbang the bangers. I done faced the hardest hitters, my chin stood up to the test. I fought the fastest fighters. I beat them because I was better, not just because I’m a counterpuncher.”

Garcia on not getting the big wins at 147 like he was able to do at 140:

“I would say a lot of that was because I was a lot comfortable where I was at in my life. I was already a two division world champion. Maybe I didn’t wake up as much as I should’ve for those fights, like as far as grit, like wanting it more. But this fight, I feel like this is it for me. Like I’m seasoned now, I’ve been in a lot of tough fights. I feel good, man. I feel like my career’s where I want it to be and I just feel better than ever.”

Spence on what’s been the hardest part about coming back from his car wreck:

“Probably like three months after the accident I started running and, you know, my hips was still hurting and things like that. So then I got up in weight too. I got up to probably 192. Getting back in shape and things like that, I think that was the toughest part.

“Being young, you get this false sense of security, you think you’re invincible. I didn’t have life insurance, and you know, when you have a near-death experience you finally realize if I would’ve died I would’ve left a lot of people basically in the cold. And things for my kids — where my money was gonna go and stuff like that, changed my perspective on life and not taking boxing and life overall, not taking it for granted.”

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