Taylor looking at Persoon rematch, Serrano for next fight

1147905520.jpg.0 - Taylor looking at Persoon rematch, Serrano for next fight

The lightweight champ is looking at two big opponent options for her return.

Irish superstar Katie Taylor, who currently holds all four major lightweight titles, is looking at a return in October or November, she says, with two major opponents sounding like they’re in the lead for the fight.

One option is Delfine Persoon in a rematch of their fantastic and controversial June 1 fight, where Taylor unified all four belts, but Persoon had plenty of supporters once all was said and done. It was a gritty war fought largely on Persoon’s terms, and the Belgian truly believed she had done enough to win after the 10 rounds were over.

The other option is Amanda Serrano, a seven-weight titleholder who was expected to be next for Taylor before the Persoon fight ended with some question marks.

From Sky:

“Obviously, Amanda Serrano is the obvious choice, as well as Delfine Persoon. I can’t wait for that rematch, it was such a great fight last time round and I think the next fight between me and her is going to be even more special, there’s a lot more interest round that as well. It’s those kind of fights that really take women’s boxing to the next level and to have so many people talking about the fight is incredible.”

Taylor (14-0, 6 KO) has avoided publicly dwelling on any controversy over the fight with Persoon (43-2, 18 KO), but she’s a sharp woman so she certainly knows it’s out there, and that people want to see the rematch. If nothing else, people want to see the rematch because the fight was great.

Serrano (36-1-1, 27 KO) is an interesting opponent, too, though, a rare top-level women’s fighter who gets more stoppage wins than not, and obviously she’s incredibly accomplished in the sport.

Either one sounds fine to me, personally, though I admit a bias for the Persoon rematch as I feel there’s unfinished business there and that Taylor still has a bit to prove against Delfine.

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