Thurman goes off: Pacquiao didn’t do a GD thing with Horn

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Keith Thurman gets animated when discussing Pacquiao-Horn.

WBA welterweight titleholder Keith Thurman is just a few weeks away from the biggest fight of his career, coming July 20 against Manny Pacquiao on FOX pay-per-view.

Pacquiao’s last defeat came in July 2017 against Jeff Horn, a fight that most felt the Filipino deserved to win. Thurman, however, very colorfully doesn’t see it that way, and went off when speaking to Fight Hub’s Marcos Villegas about that fight.

On Pacquiao against Jeff Horn

“It was a draw. What did he do? Round-by-round, what did he do? 12 rounds! He didn’t have him out — in one round (he had him hurt)! Can you count?! Fool, can you count?! OK, so what’s one minus 12? So explain 11 more times what the fuck he did!

“Jeff Horn barely did shit, Manny Pacquiao didn’t do a goddamn thing! On God, he didn’t do a goddamn thing! Nothing! Jeff Horn was like this — duck, duck — Jeff Horn said, ‘Bitch, please!’ Jeff Horn was a real man, he said, ‘Manny Pacquiao you don’t got nothin’!’ If he had something, what would’ve happened? (lays down)

“Jeff Horn was bigger. The size was apparent. Every time Manny ducked, Jeff Horn leaned on top of him, right? He manhandled Manny Pacquiao, right? What else did he do? When he was standing straight up, he was right here on Manny Pacquiao. He was right here on Manny Pacquiao — right here! And you’re telling me Manny did something? No he didn’t! Those hands didn’t touch!

“Go back and watch the fight. That’s the day I gave him the nickname ‘T-Rex Arms.’ I swear to God, watch closely, this is what you’re gonna see: miss, not touch, not touch, if it touched what happens? Bop bop, boop boop? Did he twist his head for 11 rounds, 12 rounds? Did he twist his head for seven rounds? He barely twisted his motherfuckin’ head. He better twist my fuckin’ head. I’m comin’ to twist his, he better twist my head, man. He ain’t do nothin’.

“That’s why I don’t got respect for him! He ain’t do nothin’ to Jeff Horn, bro! And then Crawford went southpaw and beat Jeff Horn completely southpaw. He could’ve went right handed and handled the fight in four rounds, but he didn’t. … Right before he stopped him, there was one round where he was right-handed and he really put the hurt on him. He should’ve just been putting the hurt on him the whole fight, but he was doing a boxing experiment like I did with Bundu.

“You can’t tell us how to do our job. We do what we wanna do. We’re working. You’re watching, we’re working. People are like, ‘Errol Spence should’ve beat up Mikey Garcia,’ but Mikey Garcia didn’t beat up Errol Spence — and still champion. He took everything that Mikey said he was gonna do and made sure none of them happen. Where’s your checkmarks, Mikey? You don’t got none! ‘Errol Spence has holes, Errol Spence can be beat.’ You ain’t show one-tenth of your statements! You got a lot of ‘em, and you ain’t show one-tenth of ‘em.

“I know I made a big one. ‘Retire Manny Pacquiao.’ But at the end of the day, you’ll see what happens, when the fight happens.”

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