Ward stresses that he’s retired, not coming back to boxing

697118482.jpg.0 - Ward stresses that he’s retired, not coming back to boxing

The former two-divison champ and pound-for-pound king says he’s retired. Retired. Retired.

I’m not sure if anyone was asking today or anything, but former super middleweight and light heavyweight champion Andre Ward stressed on Twitter this evening that he is, in fact, retired, and he’s not plotting a comeback or anything.

“I’m not in the boxing gym training,” Ward wrote. “I’m retired. I miss the game. But I’m retired. Appreciate those who want to see me back, but I’m retired. Building other things in life right now. Appreciate y’all.”

Ward, at 35, is still plenty young enough to return to the sport, which he left following his second win over Sergey Kovalev in June 2017. There have been rumors of him maybe coming back, and he was in both of those Creed movies, but he needs you to know he’s retired. Retired. Retired. Retired.

These days, Ward, who left boxing with a record of 32-0 (16 KO), works as an analyst for ESPN boxing, which he’d done previously for HBO.

Ward’s old rival Carl Froch (probably) joked about a comeback on Thursday.

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