WBA suspends Miller for six months

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The WBA has ruled, and surely this will teach Jarrell Miller a harsh lesson.

With Jarrell Miller recently failing three VADA drug tests, coming up positive for GW1516, EPO, and HGH, it’s been wondered what sort of punishment would — or even could — be dished out by the boxing powers.

Miller lost his massive payday and shot at Anthony Joshua on June 1, and frankly the loss of that money is probably the worst that’s going to happen to him. He was already unlicensed so the New York State Athletic Commission couldn’t do anything other than refuse him a license, which they did after the first failed test, and there’s no central organization that “runs boxing” or anything.

But one of the sanctioning bodies, the WBA, has ruled to suspend Miller for six months. That means he won’t be in their rankings until, like, September. And to get back in he has to register with VADA at his own expense for random testing.

Co-promoter Greg Cohen says the ruling is “fair,” and he’s got a point, as the ruling is right in line with boxing’s usual timid handling of these situations.

At some point, “Big Baby” Miller will be back, probably by the end of 2019, and his promoters already seem ready to sell him as a boxing villain, hoping people will pay to see if he loses. We’ll see who wants to work with him going forward, but all things being what they are in boxing, I’d expect to see him in a major fight within one year of today.

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