Whyte claims he ‘laid out’ Fury during sparring session

1137856652.jpg.0 - Whyte claims he ‘laid out’ Fury during sparring session

Whyte hasn’t been taking Fury’s jibes lightly, so fires back with his own account of the ‘lineal’ champion.

With Dillian Whyte still hoping to somehow, someway get his next big shot at another top heavyweight, the British fighter fires back at Tyson Fury who was just recently shredding him in the media. Fury would call Whyte a vagina, and mention that he used to bash his head in during their past sparring sessions, saying he hopes to get a chance to do it in a real fight.

“Dillian Whyte is a heavy bag on legs, I punched his head in for him plenty of times in the gym and hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to do it in the ring.

“Dillian Whyte, he can’t fight, he’s a bum. He’s got no stamina, he can’t take a punch, and he’s useless, he really can’t fight.”

As you might expect, Whyte wouldn’t let those words stand without a rebuttal, telling Sky Sports:

“Tyson’s awkward, he’s long, he’s rangy, some days he may outbox you here and there, but I definitely laid him out before,” Whyte told Sky Sports News.

“I definitely put him on his bottom before. I don’t like talking about sparring, but seeing as he wants to come out and say, he’s put it on me in the gym and this, that, and whatever.”

But despite the war of words between the two heavies, it doesn’t appear that they’ll be on a collision course any time soon. Fury is expected to be back in action this fall in another soft-touch outing before going on to rematch Deontay Wilder early next year. Meanwhile Whyte takes on Oscar Rivas on July 20th, hoping to soon land his mandatory title shot against Wilder — which also doesn’t look so promising at the moment.

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