Wilder blames Whyte for lack of WBC title shot

1150207395.jpg.0 - Wilder blames Whyte for lack of WBC title shot

Wilder says Whyte has four strikes against him.

By now we should all be well aware that Dillian Whyte is unhappy with the WBC because they haven’t enforced a mandatory title shot for him. In fact, the WBC isn’t all that happy with Whyte either, with the way he’s been throwing the sanctioning body under the bus in public over his situation.

Whyte has been the WBC’s #1 contender for quite a while, but as he continues to seek a shot at champion Deontay Wilder, Wilder says Whyte only has himself to blame for the position he finds himself in.

“I told Dillian Whyte, I gave him two options. I told him to sign with the PBC (Al Haymon’s Premier Boxing Champions) when he came from over here network shopping or whatever he was over here doing. So I told him, ‘yeah just sign with us, a one-fight deal. Then no problem we’ll get that fight on.

“We can get it on, I’ll give you that shot’. But that was one time – STRIKE.”

The next ‘strike’ came when Wilder says he told Dillian Whyte to face Luis Ortiz, giving him his word that if he did he would fight Whyte afterwards. Wilder emphasizes that he’s a man of his word but that Whyte passed on that opportunity as well.

Wilder continued by saying that the WBC then ordered Whyte to face Ortiz in a title eliminator match, another fight Whyte declined. ‘Strike three,’ says Wilder. And, finally, Wilder says the ‘strike four’ came when he told Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn that he would fight Whyte if he was guaranteed a fight with Anthony Joshua immediately after. That obviously didn’t happen either.

“I don’t want people to feel sorry for him I really don’t. I know I came out and said it’s a shame with what’s going on. But it’s a shame what’s been going on because of his own actions,” pointed out the undefeated puncher.

“I want to clear that up. It’s because of his own actions. He allowed himself not have this opportunity because he had three times, really four.”

As of now Whyte is scheduled to face Oscar Rivas on July 20, with his promoter believing that fight will likely end up being for the WBC’s interim title.

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