Wilder: Fury fights weak opposition but claims he’s the best

1150207405.jpg.0 - Wilder: Fury fights weak opposition but claims he’s the best

Wilder claims that Fury’s resume is thin and that he doesn’t get the scrutiny he deserves for his choice in most opponents.

WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder is already stirring the pot for his anticipated Feb. 2020 rematch with Tyson Fury. Until then, Wilder is currently set to take on Luis Ortiz this fall while Fury is expected to be in another showcase outing around the same time. So speaking to WBN, Wilder takes aim Fury’s resume, saying that the “lineal” champion has a big reputation despite mostly knocking over low-level opposition.

“If you look at Fury’s resume and the things he’s done, he hasn’t really fought anybody of excitement besides from Klitschko or me. Everybody else has been lower opposition.”

Wilder continues by specifically mentioning the two easy tune-up fights Fury took following his long hiatus from the sport (before ‘finally caving in’ to face him), only to slide right back down the competition ladder by fighting Tom Schwarz last month.

“…he comes back again (after our fight) with the same routine against another low guy but he wants to claim he’s the best – it’s kinda crazy.

“If I would have fought a Tom Schwarz, then you wouldn’t have heard the last of it – that’s just facts. Guys like that you’re supposed to knock out silly.”

The titleholder concludes by suggesting that he thinks Fury is simply trying to maximize his longevity in the sport by fighting a lot of soft-touches, and says that when they finally meet for their rematch he expects it to be a joint broadcast pay-per-view between ESPN and Showtime/FOX.

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