Dota 2: Patch 7.21 and a New Ranked Season

After an enormous change brought by patch 7.20, it’s finally time to say goodbye. Just a few days after the end of the first Major of 2019, Valve is giving us a new treat. This time not only do we have a new patch, but also a new ranked season. Let’s have a look at what IceFrog has prepared for us.

What’s New?

This patch, the melee creeps average gold bounty will be reduced. To compensate for that, range creeps will now give more gold after an upgrade cycle (from +3 to +6). This change will most likely slow the pace of the game a little bit, but it’s too early to tell.

Heroes will no longer gain 25% more benefit from their primary attributes (basically no more Bands, Null Talismans, and Bracer stackings). Instead, every hero’s primary attribute growth value will be increased by 15%.

Apart from the above mentioned, some heroes are getting +5 movement speed (such as Underlord), whereas others will get +10 and +15. This, plus the extra movement speed that all boots will give, will make these heroes faster (literally). It will be pretty interesting to see what will happen, but my guess is that this might get nerfed soon after this patch.

You can read all the changes here.


dota2items1 - Dota 2: Patch 7.21 and a New Ranked Season

With each update that goes live, the least popular items always get buffed. This patch is no exception. One of the biggest buffs here has to be the AEON Disc: the active status resistance has increased from 50% to a staggering 75%. We rarely see this item in our pubs nowadays, but this will most likely change.

One of the most important changes has been made to Vladmir’s Offering. The item doesn’t require you to have Headdress anymore, nor does it provide the HP regen. Instead, you have to buy a 525 gold recipe to finish the item. This is a big, yet expected nerf because Vlads was one of the most popular items in the previous patch and had a significant impact on the game.

Another interesting change is related to Phase Boots and Power Treads. They basically switched the attack speed with damage, so now they are FINALLY back to normal. PT will give attack speed instead of damage, whereas PB’s damage is back.

The other majority of item changes are related to the move speed buffs (in some cases – nerfs).


There are no major hero changes, which means that the meta will most likely not be shifting instantly.

Similar to the items, the “forgotten heroes” received lots of buffs. For example, one of the most dominating Midlaners – Arc Warden – has received a damage increase on his third spell, a longer ultimate, and more attack speed at level 10. On the contrary, Beastmaster, one of the biggest pains in 7.20, has received a number of nerfs.

Clockwerk has received a significant buff – Battery Assault will no longer have a cast point. This might seem like something minor at first glance, but this will help the hero be a lot more efficient early on. I can’t even count the times where I’ve personally failed to kill someone due to the ever-so-annoying cast point of this spell. On top of that, Rocket Flare and his talents are also getting buffed, adding up to some pretty extensive improvements. I won’t be surprised if we see Clock becoming a top pick.

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