Fortnite Champion Series Chapter 2 – Season 1 Results

Results from the FNCS Finals are in, how did your favorite squad stack up against the competition?

The second iteration of the Fortnite Champion Series came and went with a different format and somewhat surprising results. Player disconnects and missing points plagued the weekend of competition, but there were still some solid takeaways from the entertaining display of competitive Fortnite. NA West, NA East, Europe and Brazil each separated 96 squads into four heats. Oceania, Asia and the Middle East did the same, but 48 teams became 24 for the final session. Those heats narrowed the pool down to the last 24 teams who would compete in the Grand Finals.

Overall, a whole lot of money went out to the best of the best in competitive Fortnite when each region closed on Sunday. Let’s take a look at who came out on top in all 7 of the participating areas.


fncs C2S1 finals eu - Fortnite Champion Series Chapter 2 - Season 1 Results

After taking first place in Europe’s second heat, the team of drobban, wak1e, RedRush and znappy went on to earn the title of Chapter 2 Season 1 Champions. This squad flew quietly under the radar through the four qualifying weeks before the finals. They made the final qualifying session three out of four weeks, but only placed inside the qualification threshold once. Drobban, wak1e, RedRush and znappy rounded into form at the perfect time, which coincided with the Grand Finals.

These four players loaded successfully into all six matches and earned one Victory Royale. Their victory will go down as a pivotal moment in their championship run as the four players combined for 18 eliminations. Drobban, wak1e, RedRush and znappy accumulated 86 points and claimed the throne in the second Fortnite Champion Series. These four players walked away with the $300K USD grand prize.

NA East

FNCS C2S1 finals nae - Fortnite Champion Series Chapter 2 - Season 1 Results

Stable Ronaldo, UnknownxArmy1x, Vanguard KEZ and Avery came out of nowhere to claim the NA East Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 Championship. Over six matches, this squad managed 89 points and none of which came by way of a Victory Royale. UnknownxArmy and his teammates focused on placement and eliminations to achieve victory. They placed no lower than 9th in any of the six games and 44 eliminations in total.

The winning squad provided a genuine reaction live on stream as the leaderboard updates. UnknownxArmy’s struggles to find a team before the Chapter 2 Season 1 Fortnite Champion Series were notable. Eventually, he settled with some lesser-known, but superbly talented players. This five-week journey for these unexpected victors ultimately validated their hard work since the beginning of the FNCS. UnknownxArmy, KEZ, Ronaldo and Avery pocketed $187.5K for their winning effort.

NA West

FNCS C2S1 finals naw - Fortnite Champion Series Chapter 2 - Season 1 Results

Sogys, Kyzui, Domo and Vicaros achieved an unprecedented three Victory Royales en route to winning the NA West Chapter 2 Season 1 Championship. This squad showed up to play, unlike almost any other team on the final day of the FNCS Finals. They racked up an impressive 95 points and dominated when they needed to. Leading into the finals, Kyzui and his teammates did not qualify through placement. They only made the final session once and wound up finishing in 13th place.

Their winning performance is inspirational, to say the least when it comes to the result. These four players had to battle against the titans of the NA West region, and heavy favorites rehx, Cented, EpikWhale and Edgey. Completing three Victory Royales against the 24 best teams in the area is an accomplishment beyond comprehension. The stars aligned for Sogys, Kyzui, Domo and Vicaros as they took home the $75K USD grand prize.


FNCS C2S1 finals br - Fortnite Champion Series Chapter 2 - Season 1 Results

Shecoboy, Lasers, Igo and psycho produced 116 points to claim victory in the Brazil FNCS Finals. Their 26 point margin of victory is noteworthy because of the group of players who finished in second. Leleo, kurtz, wisheydp and king dominated Brazil for the majority of the FNCS Qualifiers. Shecoboy, Lasers, Igo and psycho convincingly took first in heat four and their momentum carried them to victory.

The four players queued into six matches in the Grand Finals and won two of them. Their two Victory Royales included 20 and 21 eliminations respectively, which boosted them up the leaderboard. The South American team complete game six with a second-place finish. Shecoboy, Lasers, Igo and psycho etched themselves in history as Chapter 2 Season 1 Champs.


FNCS C2S1 finals oce - Fortnite Champion Series Chapter 2 - Season 1 Results

Oceania’s FNCS Finals produced a razor-thin result when game six came through a close. When the leaderboards refreshed, X2Twins Jordan, X2Twins Jesse, volx and Gheez came out victorious. The margin of victory was only 4 points, which tied for the closest with NA East. Their winning effort came about from one Victory Royale and only one finish worse than fifth place. Jordan, Jesse, volx and Gheez churned out a third-place finish in the final match to complete their Chapter 2 Season 1 Championship endeavor.


FNCS C2S1 finals asia - Fortnite Champion Series Chapter 2 - Season 1 Results

T1 Hood.J, T1 Peterpan, DWG Ming and Come And Goes handled the competition in the Asia region of the FNCS Finals. After producing 133 points in heat two, this talented team prepared themselves to endure the grueling six matches in the Grand Finals. In Grand Finals, this squad won two straight games of 14 and 15 eliminations, respectively. Their competition offered little resistance or challenge with second place coming in at 74 points. It’s not surprising to see the likes of Peterpan and Hood.J at the top of the leaderboard considering second-place finish at the Season X Finals. Hood.J, Peterpan, Ming and Come And Goes collected $43.5K in winnings.

Middle East

FNCS C2S1 finals me - Fortnite Champion Series Chapter 2 - Season 1 Results

Rounding out the seven participating regions is the Middle East, where Sane, Nomfu, pancake and MEV came out on top. They began their weekend with a second-place finish in heat one and followed that up with a first-place finish in Grand Finals. Games one, four and five proved victorious for the eventual tournament winners. Sane and company finished 21 points ahead of second and will split $43.5K amongst one another.

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