NRG Unveils Rebrand and Clothing Drop

North American esports organization NRG unveiled their teased rebrand today, complete with new merchandise.

NRG showed off their new rebrand today. The organization also unveiled new additions to their merchandise store and a new catchphrase, “100% Unapologetic.”

Two new shirts and one new hoodie are now available from the NRG Store. They are complete with NRG’s new logo and color scheme.

NRG Merch Drop 1024x576 - NRG Unveils Rebrand and Clothing Drop

The North American organization teased the rebrand late last week with a mysterious tweet containing a counter and a link to the new NRG store. Unfortunately, it looks as though the word “unapologetic” is misspelled as “unapolagetic” on the lime green hoodie, so fans that want to purchase one might want to reach out and see if NRG will correct the spelling before sending out the hoodie.

NRG might not be a hugely recognizable brand in and of itself, but the organization owns the Overwatch League franchise the San Fransisco Shock, as well as fielding a surging Counterstrike: Global Offensive team.

Fans can check out NRG’s new store here.

Image VIA: NRG

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