OWL Match of the Week | Stage 3 | Week 2 | San Francisco Shock vs Seoul Dynasty

ESTNN’s Charlotte August is back for another Match of the Week. This week, we’ve got the San Francisco Shock vs. the Seoul Dynasty.

Stage 3 is in full swing, and as the matches rage on, the playoff picture is becoming more and more clear. Each week, we’ll pick one match to watch, with a detailed explanation as to why you shouldn’t miss it. Now, let’s get into our choice for Stage 3’s Week 2!


Match of the Week: San Francisco Shock versus Seoul Dynasty

Super MotW - OWL Match of the Week | Stage 3 | Week 2 | San Francisco Shock vs Seoul Dynasty

Both the San Francisco Shock and the Seoul Dynasty are having a good time in the Overwatch League right now. The Shock are still holding strong while the Seoul Dynasty are building themselves back up and looking much better than they did in Stage 2. Seoul are sitting in 1st place for the Stage so far with a 2-0 match record. They haven’t lost a single map yet and currently own a +8-map differential. And whilst San Francisco are only 7th so far this Stage, they are holding firm at 3rd place on the League table for the Season, with a 12-3 total match record and a +34-map differential. While the Dynasty aren’t above the playoffs line just yet, their chances of making it to 6th place is reasonable.


Battle of the Goliaths

It’s no secret that both the Seoul Dynasty and the San Francisco Shock are teams to watch, especially the Shock. Both teams have incredibly strong main tanks: Super for the Shock and Marve1 and Fissure for the Dynasty. Their DPS players are nothing to shake off either, with players like Fits and Fleta proving their mettle as a solid duo, whilst Rascal and Sinatraa are establishing themselves as shining stars on their teams.


Flex versus Flex

Ryujehong MotW - OWL Match of the Week | Stage 3 | Week 2 | San Francisco Shock vs Seoul Dynasty

The head to head matchup that people should be watching for though is the battle between the flex supports. San Francisco picked up Viol2t from O2 Ardeont near the end of 2018, and he has become a staple in the team ever since. His Zenyatta is becoming a household name, and he has proven time and time again that he is more than capable at keeping his team alive whilst dealing a good amount of damage, ranking 2nd in average healing per 10 minutes and 28th for damage. But in no circumstance should anybody be sleeping on his support counterpart, Ryujehong.

Jehong has had quite the run so far in the Overwatch League, with many people being quick to jump the gun and insist that he wasn’t as good as he used to be when the season first started. Despite it all, Jehong has made a huge comeback after Seoul’s results from last season. His stats may not show it, but everybody should be on the lookout for Jehong’s deadly Ana skills, especially after watching him showcase it during the Dynasty’s match against the Guangzhou Charge last week.

No matter how you slice this matchup, whether you favour the dominant San Francisco or if you’re betting on the resurging Dynasty, you can count on the fact that this match will be exciting until the end.

The Seoul Dynasty and the San Francisco Shock face off at 3pm ET on June 16th.

Image VIA: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

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