Disbelief about Solskjaer’s approach for Fernandes; one change for Klopp

One Manchester United fan labels the club’s approach for Bruno Fernandes “unbelievable” while Liverpool readers call for one change against the Red Devils – all in Your Says of the Day.


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The latest chatter is that Solskjaer doesn’t want to lose Rojo as part of the Fernandes deal. Fuck me, that’s unbelievable.



That has to be nonsense JM. It’s clear Ole thinks Rojo is shite because of the amount of game time he’s given him. I heard the stumbling block was his wages, if so we need to do what City have been doing for years and just pay him to fuck off!



This Fernandes deal smacks of panic buying to try and save Ole and Woodturd’s skin yet again I’m afraid, if he really is the player that our new ‘strategic’ transfer planning team had identified as being a great deal to go for then why in fucks name didn’t they do it in the summer when Sporting and his agent were touting his arse all over Europe?.
At that time the MEN were consistently saying that the club had briefed them to say that there was absolutely no interest in the player at any price, and they even reiterated that line again just prior to the January window opening, but now all of a sudden it’s game on it seems.

If he really is as good as his stats in Portugal suggest, why didn’t we just go and get him in the summer? Just a few extra goals and assists coming from midfield against all those shite sides we’ve already dropped points against would probably have had us comfortably in the top four by now, and it also concerns me that nobody else seems to be too interested in taking him either.



Apparently Sporting are up the creek, financial fair-play speaking, and the word is that selling Fernandes will basically sort them out. If that’s the case we can play hardball over Rojo’s wages but really we should do as happy stated, just pay him to f*** off!



Blacky – Clearly Ole thought Messi Lingard would be smashing in the goals from an attacking midfield perspective! Then he probably looked at Matic, McTominay, Pogba, Pereira and Fred and decided another midfielder would be too much especially when Mata had just signed an extension and Garner potentially breaking through.

Fact is that Pereira and Fred have not been good enough, Matic has about 10 games left in his career and Lingard has been woeful. Pogba has been injured/wants to leave and basically that midfield area has been the worst part of the squad all season. So much so that Scott McTominay has looked like our best player when really he’s not.

So perhaps now the penny has finally fucking dropped for them that Fernandes offers a few things that none of our current midfielders do. Namely, a bit of fucking consistency in performance and fitness. So they just need to go and get him, pay whatever it is and send Rojo packing in the other direction. Simple.





I don’t think Fernandes is our number one choice. I think Ole wanted Maddison and was hoping that the options we currently have would get us through the season. If Pogba had been fit, and Lingard or Pereira had shown some ability we wouldn’t be addressing this now. However, as the season has progressed our need for creativity in midfield has become desperate. Maddison’s price has continued to rise (can’t see Leicester letting him go for less than £100m now) and we have been forced to re-evaluate our targets. I’m hoping that since the summer we have thoroughly scouted and assessed Fernandes and decided that he can do the job.
Like some of you on here, I’ve voiced my doubts about Fernandes before and wonder why no-one else has signed him. Let’s hope that if he signs he spends his time scoring and assisting loads of goals and proving me wrong!



In my opinion Bruno Fernandes is definitely worth a punt, especially if the transfer get us shot of Rojo.

That being said I don’t see the point in signing an attacking midfielder before signing a proper deep lying midfielder who can screen the defense in the mould of Kante, Ndidi, or Rodri. Our main issue is still the inability to win the ball back and keep it effectively. Bruno Fernandes will at least help in breaking down stubborn defenses and also won’t constantly shoot 20m above the crossbar ala Fred and Pereira but I still think we need a number 6 more than we need a number 8 or 10.




Jurgen.Klopp .Liverpool.TEAMtalk1 - Disbelief about Solskjaer’s approach for Fernandes; one change for Klopp

I think it’s fine for us to talk about records but the players have got to keep the one game at a time mentality going. Everything Klopp is saying is perfect. He’s focused on the task and we can dream.

I’m absolutely sick to my back teeth of poor Utd teams doing well against us. I like the stuffed crust analogy and want to board that train. Let’s bring them to Anfield and remind them of how champions play.




I agree!!




Adam Lallana Liverpool - Disbelief about Solskjaer’s approach for Fernandes; one change for Klopp

I’m really looking forward this game, I’m expecting a good solid performance, I really want to beat Utd into submission. 3-0 win with Gomez or Van Dijk popping up with the first goal.



What worries me a lot are the continuous injuries which have limited Klopp’s choices a lot. The players can not rest. From the 6 midfielders the 3 are out.



Disagree about Winji rob. Our best midfielder on sat and got mom on a lot of Liverpool
Websites I read over the weekend mate

He looked tired mate And was struggling to get back once but in the 88yh min was still in spurs box trying to get on the end of a cross

Be no suprise to see lalanna start as he did well when he came on

Fabhino is back full training so be interesting to see what happens with him.
Massive game and I fancy us to win

Always a tricky game but anfield be rocking

Sean the sailor


I initially gave Alisson MOTM but amended it to Gini. I thought he was excellent and it’s understandable that players might be showing some tiredness after the past month. They’ve got a whole week now, so they should largely be recuperated for this.


It’s not a fixture that I ever look forward to anymore either though. The quality of football on display is usually very poor but we just want 3 points here and they are in our way.

I always say it when this game comes up and am usually wrong but I can see us winning here. Some day one of these games will come and the typical dumbing down that we see happening, will cease to be and we’ll absolutely blow them away. Will it be this time. like I thought it would the last time and the time before that etc etc… Honestly, I’m less bothered by it now, I just want the 3 points. Obviously we care about suspensions and injuries but aside from that, I just want the win so we can forget about Utd and maintain course.



Full week to recover and rest.
I don’t expect many changes from last game except for maybe Lallana starting instead of Ox.
We probably won’t see Shaq, Fabinho or Matip start until the FA Cup game.




GettyImages.1186372905 - Disbelief about Solskjaer’s approach for Fernandes; one change for Klopp

Weird game sort of disappointed but also happy. The performance started well then not so great and then good again in terms of resilience when we went down to 10 men. I don’t appreciate they “quality” of hard work. That is not a quality as anyone can work hard and everyone should. It should be a given he fights for every ball, he is in the team for his Team play and to score goals! He is doing one half of his job well and the other half not so good.



Unfortunately for you TSO, Xhaka simply isnt good enough for the prem. I have always maintained that he would excel in Italy, Germany and spain where the game is much much slower. Its not about the player having no ability its about his ability not being suited for the prem in general.

If you cannot see the difference in the 2 then i really dont know what more to say.



AndyC – Wenger,Emery,Ljunberg and now Arteta.Ever since xhaka has joined us he’s been a regular starter under all these four managers.The only time he was ever dropped is after the captaincy debacle and Emery gave into the pressure of the fans.

More importantly,Arteta is the fourth manager to sing praises of him since he’s been here.Even his character.
Let me get this straight,Here is a player who wanted to leave the club and the sole reason for that was the constant abuse he was hearing from fans.Personal terms agreed with Hertha.Transfer fee could’ve been sorted as well.Yet a new manager comes in and does his best to convince him to stay.If he’s so useless and not good enough…Why even bother?Transfer out would’ve suited both parties.

the specialone



matic 1 - Disbelief about Solskjaer’s approach for Fernandes; one change for Klopp

Lol,but jokes aside,or maybe not: Matic to be offered a new contract? In the words of zico-the torture never stops.No wonder we are going to probably be 40 pnts behind Liverpool when the season ends.




Frank Lampard TEAMtalk - Disbelief about Solskjaer’s approach for Fernandes; one change for Klopp

Disappointed that we have not moved on the window so far. Would apply one of my old bosses sentiments either s@@t or get off the bowel.

If we are not looking then come out and make the statement or if we are, get the deal(s) done.

As for Kante, when was the last time he played regularly in the defensive role.
If we revert to playing him there then yip keep him. If we insist in playing him further forward we have no shortage of attacking midfielders who are as good if not better in that role. £100 mill is not to be sniffed at, especially if Frank can get us into a top 4 finish the we will be a lot more attractive to potential signings in the summer!!



We are linked with Lewis Dunk. I think the price quoted in the rumors 50m is really steep for a 28 years old. It would be silly to spend that much money for an area where we are well covered: centre back. I am still hoping we buy noone this window and keep our cash for summer, where we can splash some money to get Ben Chilwell, a striker (Werner, Dembélé?) and a GK. And probably a winger if Willian doesn’t extend. I start to think that Kepa needs competition.



Chelsea shouldn’t and hopefully won’t get any new players in, in this window.

Any player of Chelsea quality and that we actually need will not be available this window. The only player I may give exception too is Ake. Other than that the squad is good enough to finish top 4 and even catch City and Leicester.

In the summer make the signings that push us into the title Challenge question



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