Latest Man Utd display more like watching Mourinho than Solsjkaer

Man Utd fans are concerned that the win at Leicester looked more like Mourinho than Solskjaer, while Liverpool readers are calling for the team to respond to City’s win in style – all in our forum.


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Happy, it was a performance that looked like we were still under Jose mate, a typical Jose performance in fact, but hey, it was ok because good old Ole’s the manager. The hypocrisy on here is astounding at times.


I think that was the whole plan…to let them have the ball, they got 3 very good chances and all three came from a counter attack when we had the ball, everytime they had the ball they had no idea what to do and they’d only get half chances. I think that was a tactical genius given that Leicester always ups their game when facing the top 6, 10 games unbeaten, the positivity around the club is so extra, the other fans are starting to hate us now compared to before when they pitied us and tried to comfort us. I’m enjoying tbh I look forward to games more than ever GGMU!!


It did look like a Mourinho performance yesterday. I think that’s because Leicester’s great strength is a high speed counter attack so the reasonably obvious method of stopping it is to sit deep and deny space in behind which is what we did.
Ole may or may not be the long term solution but at least he has a plan that seems to be tweaked from match to match to either exploit or negate the opposition. It’s been said countless times that the squad needs improving in some areas so clearly we’re not at a stage to just play our own style and ignore the oppositions strengths.
Mourinho would play the same way week in week out and sometimes it would work, yesterday we’d have gotten a draw as we’d have sat deep and because there’s no way Fellani could have made that pass and Lukaku would never have controlled it for our goal!


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Credit to Solskjaer for lifting the players, but tactical genius is just a bit of an exaggeration libanski. We didn’t intentionally let them have the ball mate, we simply kept losing it.


We had a few good spells today and started the game particularly brightly but faded badly as the game progressed. It might have been part of the plan to let Leicester have plenty of the ball, as they are much more dangerous on the counter, but we’re still not solid enough to kill games like these off. Still, we managed to hang on so I’m not going to complain. We know we’re not good enough but if we can hang in there until the end off the season and snatch a CL spot then that will give us a much better bargaining position when trying to sign the players we need.


Didn’t this lot beat Chelsea and City? We need to give the team credit for a very impressive three points I think, it was a big test of the team today. And we could/should have blown them away first 20 mins of Rashfords finishing was better. I thought Matic was very good again today. Always worry about Bailly, very rash and put us under pressure straight away with a needless giving away of a corner.

Good win, very good start under Ole continues.


@happy – Yes Leicester are a tidy little team with 3 or 4 players that would likely get a game in our team BUT they are not 11th out of 19 teams by coincidence mate, and despite the obvious and much welcome ‘bounce’ under Ole the old fundamental problems that certain people thought was everything to do with Mourinho and nothing to do with the lack of quality in the squad are still as plain as the nose on pinocchio’s face, unfortunately.
We have problems right across the back line, in midfield and in particular on the right side of our attack and unless we become much smarter in terms of the players we retain and give big new contracts to plus the ones we identify, scout and sign then we will continue to be nothing more than a team making up the numbers, simple as that.


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Yes chaps but Sanchez has been very poor since he joined us,whereas Lingard has had a few very good games recently.I would defo get shot of Sanchez in a blink of the eye. I agree @blacky,Maddison,Brooks & Chilwell would be very good additions to our team,and whos to say Everton or WHAM wouldnt be interested in paying handsomely for Shaw?


There will always be negativity but for the first time in I don’t remember when there’s also ample cause for some positivity. Watching United had become uninspiring and dreary but now there’s at least some hope that the club is starting to move in the right direction. Following a football team should evoke different emotions and it’s neither completely black nor white. Some might be overly negative, others too positive but as soon as those emotions are removed from the game, it’s time to find something else.




On another note, I’ve been impressed with James Maddison every time I’ve seen him, even when he was at Norwich and if as we should be we are looking at quality young creative talent to come in and replace the likes of Mata for next season then he must be on the list along with David Brooks at Bournemouth.


Dont forget B.Chilwell @blacky m8,brilliant young player.


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@blacky. Agreed mate. I think Mata’s time is up. His wages are too high for his output and his age is also all wrong. Same thing goes for Sanchez unless he has a miraculous upturn in form. These players should be replaced with players like James Maddison and David Brooks of Bournemouth. Proper young British talent which would come in for low transfer fees and wages.


@redblood – Yep agree on Chilwell, can’t see us going for him though having just given Shaw 200k per week for the next 5 years!. Having said that I thought Shaw did well today but can he stay fit and keep away from the tubby custard?!. Have to disagree regards Sanchez, yes he was bad but Lingard was beyond woeful mate.

@hatters – I would take both Maddison and Brooks mate, let’s make a statement and hoover up young talents like these with many years ahead of them and a hunger and a desire to go toe to toe with any fucker.
We are Man Utd and it’s what we used to do before the rot set in and we started to settle for ‘sloppy seconds’!.




Hoping for a more composed and fluid performance from the boys Monday. I think we’ll bounce back and win 3-1.

Rob Fort Worth TX

First time in a long time I’m not predicting us to win

I think we will draw

Sean the sailor

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The lads need to respond, not to City but to our last game, it was disappointing having to settle for a point at Anfield against Leicester, its where we should win every point available. I don’t want to see another dropped point at home for the remainder of the season. We need a response, we need the three points available from London in our next game, we got to take the game to the Hammers and remember to have some fun while we are at it.


Can we handle the pressure?? We must prove it today!! If we do not win then title has gone…On Wed we had great chance but we were bad and we managed to take the draw.

Gomez’s absence the best news for Guardiola sinca Matip and Lovren are awful…


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I certainly don’t think the team is having a confidence crisis. I think we’re still finding a way in most games to eek out results. So I’m not worried from that point of view. (Maybe it wouldn’t have made a difference, but I don’t think these mid winter training breaks help from the point of view of continuity and thus drifting back into a more relaxed mindset).

Our recent defensive record is there for all to see and I’m not sure it’s going to be rectified quickly. So I think a change of tack may be needed and we may need to look at turning on the burners at the other end of the pitch to counteract this problem. We’re certainly capable of that.

Critical few months ahead now.




The pathetic selections, formations, tardy substitutions, inaction and giving up by the players is down to this manager. If he cannot give confidence to his players, just like Wenger, it’s time to leave. The way we have just given up against West Ham, Liverpool, United and yesterday is unacceptable. Kroenke is an odious waste of space, but he did not select the team and set them up to defend. Newcastle and Huddersfield apparently did not allow as many shots on target as we did yesterday and that is ridiculous. We had no attacks and no shots on target in the second half. We did not have a shot on target until we scored the penalty against Cardiff- nearly 70 minutes! The constant changes in team, formations and quite baffling substitutions by our Spanish Dracula makes things worse. There is no change since Wenger left and if his players do not care/ carry out instructions/ are crap ( Lichsteiner, Mustafi, Iwobi and Xhaka), replace them with youth players they cannot do any worse.


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Jeff – You behave as if there’s an abundance of talent sitting on the bench or there is anything else for Emery to select from.Like Honestly,tell me who you would have played different yesterday and our outcome might have been different?Go on tell me.We could have had an extra player and still lost the game.That’s how poor and unbalanced this squad is.For which Emery deserves from little to no blame.
He’s made mistakes along the way,yes.But as I’ve mentioned earlier with the squad at his disposal we are where we should be and anything else he would be overachieving.


I would not have played Iwobi- he flaps around like a penguin on speed and achieves SFA. Why did he start against United- why does he always start if fit- he’s a cretin like Mustafi and Xhaka. I would have played Ramsey in front of him, I would not have played the Swiss idiot. Elneny has played centre half before and has to be better option than Lichsteiner. I would kick Mustafi back to Germany, he’s a coward and a prat. I would, as I have said many times, have trusted a youth player to have come in and dome better jobs than these players. Even Jenkinson is better than Lich. Also, whose decision was it to bring in Suarez- Dracula’s why?!


Jeff – My question was who would you have played different and expected a different result?But either how I’ll reply to all your points.Iwobi made on mistake,and please stop overcriticising him.Yes he’s not good enough to be first choice but stop making him a scapegoat every single time.Also el nenny ahead of Lichsteiner?You high mate?A central midfielder at full back.Mustafi is just making too many mistakes but koscielny is just as bad.

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According to me this should be our formation until the end of the season
4-4-2 Leno,Jenkinson,Sokratis,Kos,Monreal,Torreira,Xhaka,Ramsey,Suarez,Laca and Auba.

I’m not a fan of the 4-4-2 but such are the times where we have lack of options.There are also some players there I’d rather no play but playing them or not playing them would make no difference.


Jeff did you or any one else think we would or could win this game ? I don’t know any fans who though we could get a result there. The most optimistic fans were telling me a draw. 3 – 1 away to city is what we could realistically expect, whatever team he picked. Today was the first I have heard stupid things like Emery out,,,Really???? Because we lost at Citeh???? Are people mad ?




So, a five nil thumping of Huddersfield and the conversation isn’t about sacking sarri it’s about whether hazard is a world class player. Guess we won’t be sacking sarri this week then…

Bet those saying his system sucked against bournmouth were devastated by the scoreline yesterday and my word what a difference this side looks with a striker making runs and taking ownership of the role by sticking the ball in the back of the net.


Roman – Guess if we are successful from hereon in due to having a proper striker we will lose two or three posters from here that thrive on negativity at least until the next poor result. I’d take three points each week and an end to all this doom and gloom. The usual suspects have not posted a thing since the 5 goals went in. I guess that tells us something.


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Chelsea 1967, sad but true.

I’ve seen preety much all of Chelsea’s very best players live and in the flesh and Hazard is definitely one of the very best I’ve ever seen at the Bridge.

I never saw Jimmy Greaves play in a Chelsea shirt but all of Osgood, Cooke, Hudson pre his injury and Zola are all up there with a special mention for Tambling.

Very difficult comparing players from different eras but anyone who has been lucky enough to see Hazard live and in the flesh should be very grateful that they’ve been privileged to see such a very special player.

nine nine nine

Any talk of sacking Sarri was premature anyway but lets not forget the quality of the opposition and that this kind of result was to be expected

Very pleased to see Higuain get off the mark and show what a true striker can do and potentially his presence and continued goals will boost the confidence of the team as they will all know that we will no longer struggle in front of goal. That being said we still need some caution as playing against a Huddersfield defence is not the same as playing against City, ManU and Spurs so personally will want to wait until the end of the month before I start jumping up and down about a 5-0 victory against the bottom club in the league

Really hope for the sake of the Club and our CL aspirations that Higuain just continues to improve and finds the back of the net consistently. KTBFFH


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CFC1905, I still think that if we lose 2 or 3 games in a row, RA won’t be patient anymore. When Chelsea lose 4-0, I think the sacking talk isn’t premature at all. While I am happy with a lot of things last weekend: 5-0 win, good reaction from players, scintillating display from Hazard, and of course Higuain movements and especially goals: Huddersfield were just very poor. They lost 1 player early too. And our penalty where it was valid, it was just soft.

I think we may not need to wait too long before this Sarri-out talk resurface again. Next opponent is City away and after that Europa, and after that Man Utd home for FA Cup. While it’s possible, we won home against City: I can’t see us win against City this time away when our defense took 4 goals from Bournemouth. I still fancy a victory against Utd at home for FA Cup but should we lose this one too, Sarri’s position may very well be in danger.



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