Liverpool need to sign big names now; ‘billions’ know coach is wrong

One Liverpool reader explains why they can’t afford not to make any big signings, Chelsea fans react to the news that Maurizio Sarri is nearing a move to Juventus, and Manchester United supporters wonder if there is a way they could tempt Matthijs De Ligt – all in Your Says of the Day.

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Liverpool must take advantage and sign big players

Whatever business we do this summer, it’s clear that in this game you can’t afford to stand still as you will only end up going backwards while those around and above strengthen and move forward. We’re currently in a position of strength with a very high profile, the strongest and highest in decades, and we should take advantage of that while we can, FFP permitting. That’s why we should be looking seriously at the likes of de Ligt now. We might never have a better chance to secure such talents.

It may well be that the likes of Adam Lewis are ready to step up, although I can’t recall him ever being in a Premiership matchday squad. Brewster remains an unknown quantity at the highest level and I’m not keen on relying on an untried youngster to provide cover or competition for the central striker role. The likes of Curtis Jones don’t appear to have developed as much as I’d hoped. As well as they have done out on loan at Derby and Rangers respectively, I just don’t think from what I’ve seen of them that Wilson and Kent have what it takes to make it at the highest level. Happy to be proven wrong! Are any of those who lifted the FA Youth Cup ready to step up now or in a year or two’s time. It could be too late in a year or two!

For me, there are still question marks over Keita, although he looked to be finding his feet before the injury at Barca. The Ox and Shaq have question marks too. Can the Ox recover fully from the horrific injury to make a significant difference? Towards the end of the season Klopp seemed reluctant to turn to Shaq except for the briefest of cameos. As for Origi, I suppose given his limited opportunities he’s done surprisingly well but he just appears, when given the chance, to be a little too inconsistent for my liking, just lacking that certain something which would take him to the next level.

I think we’re all expecting Sturridge to move on (isn’t his contract about to expire?) and Clyne and Moreno look likely to follow suit. I suspect that Lallana will also leave. I think that injuries have taken their toll on him. A pity, really. At his best he provided the sort of creativity we lack but he’s hardly kicked a ball in two seasons. I’m not sure about Milner now that Leeds are stuck in the Championship for another season. His versatility makes him a useful asset and he’s a great example to those around him so he may well stay on assuming he’s still under contract.

All who leave will need replacing and I don’t want to see them replaced with potential. They need to be replaced by those ready to compete for first team spots now so that at the very least the bench will be strengthened. Just take a look at City’s FA Cup final bench: De Bruyne, Aguero, Sane. I know the playing field hasn’t been level but that’s what we should be aiming for. Regardless of how they got there, City got themselves into a position of strength and have continued to strengthen ever since. We need to be doing the same.

The noises coming out of Anfield aren’t promising. Are they genuinely intended to keep expectations so low that we won’t be too disappointed when no significant signings are made? That won’t wash with me. I’ll be very disappointed. Or is it a sign that the business is being run much more professionally now? How many of us were expecting the Fabinho announcement? Or the VvD one for that matter? Hopefully we’ll be similarly surprised in the near future!

Perhaps they’re hoping that a CL final success against Spurs (fingers crossed!) will make the club an even more attractive proposition to potential targets? Not too long now until we find out …..



SirRoger I think you got it nailed down who is leaving or who might leave… I would like to remind posters that in recent seasons the backroom has become more tight and there is less gossip going out.

Nobody expected Fabinho to be signed, nobody expected Shaqiri to be signed, both were surprise signings. I expect this summer window to be more of the same.

Take for example the fullback situation, we know Moreno is on his way out and so is Clyne but I have not seen one rumour that makes sense about who we are going to sign as cover.

The only thing I know for certain in this window is that we can go up against anyone, if Real Madrid make a bid for Mbappe we might do the same because we got the money and the deal would make sense financially even though it might cost us about 200 million.


Kylian Mbappe PSG TEAMtalk - Liverpool need to sign big names now; ‘billions’ know coach is wrong

I would say yes to Memphis and no to Fekir!!
Isco and Acensio are very good players but diiffiult to join us.
Wilson mustbe in next year squad along with a new CB.



Sarri to Juventus?

No smoke without fire.

But the smoke will begin to clear after the two Finals and it needs to whatever the outcome all this speculation isn’t good for anybody particularly just before two Finals.

Maurizio Sarri has reportedly reached an agreement to leave Chelsea and manage Juventus next season.

“It’s claimed that the Italian boss, who has been at Stamford Bridge for just one year, will return to his home country after being tempted with a mega deal from the Serie A champions.

According to SNAI journalist Tancredi Palmeri, Sarri has agreed to a contract worth €7million per year following Massimiliano Allegri’s departure from the club.

The next step is for the 60-year-old to agree an exit from Chelsea, which will undoubtedly not go down well with the Blues’ hierarchy, who have stuck with him during a rocky first season.”

Talksport 25/05.

If accurate I can’t see the Club standing in Sarri’s way. Palmeri is often a good source?

nine nine nine



What a gift the from the lord! i will drive him to the airport a day after the final. and start the appeal process the next day to give Allegri a centre forward after the exit of Hazard. plus two fullbaks. this guy is always a liability to the club. i won’t be fooled by this top4 either. the sooner we get rid the better for the future of this club. he is so stubborn that he is the only one that believes his system will work when some other 7 billion people in this world believe contarary?

And most importantly we will have a midfield stability once we get rid of him. as his son will also follow him. and that may be one of his conditions to Juventus the same way it was to us. there will be no Kovacic also. i can’t wait this moment. any coach who doesn’t have a tactical flexibility doesn’t deserve to coach in the PL. and Sarri is the only coach i remember who have no plan B when things are going wrong. he sits there watching and hoping things sort themselves.


GettyImages.1134320294 - Liverpool need to sign big names now; ‘billions’ know coach is wrong

Many of us including the board just don’t have a good feeling about sarri, i don’t know what the best alternative is, one thing I’m sure off Higuan and Kovacic must go. They bring little value to the team.



we have the foundations in place now with Cech coming in to an important role – the missing link imo. I would like to see us go straight into the transfer ban, bring in Lampard and Morris, integrate the best of the loanees with what we have already got, bank the Hazard windfall until the ban is over and then invest it in the rebuilding process. I am wondering however where we stand with that spend with the FFP restrictions if we cannot invest it this transfer window or the next even though it will be a financial asset this summer. Any ideas with that 999?



The rumours are strong Sarri to Juventus, we of course don’t know how true it may be but I think it’s the best for everyone including Sarri. Suppose Ronaldo will have something to say about that, thinks he can order whatever by every club he joins.



67, let’s say we get £100m for Hazard or even a bit more I suspect circa £30m will probably be set against that fee for the signing of Kovacic but we’re not reliant on that.

It wouldn’t be a problem if Chelsea don’t let the transfer go through until July 1st which also coincides with the start of the final year of Hazards contract which will be the start of our 2019/20 FY we would then still have 6 weeks to spend the money in the 2020 Summer window which would be within the 2019/20 FY which ends on June 30th 2020.

I’m confident the movers and shakers at Chelsea will be on top of this and it may not even come to that if any appeal freezes the transfer ban which currently seems a bit hazy or the ban is reduced to just the Summer window which has been suggested recently.

FFP only stops you spending more than you make on transfers and as such the Hazard money would be to our credit as far as FFP is concerned.

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Midfield worry for Europa League final

Kante now a major doubt for the match due to a knee injury sustained in training. Mid-field options poor now. Without Kante I don’t fancy our chances.



Really bad news 67. But let’s take heart from how we coped with injuries and suspensions in the 2012 CL Final.

Jorginho, Kovacic and Barkley are still a decent midfield three but it does cut down on our options and the injuries towards the end of the season have been tough on us.

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I’d be putting Dave in as a Central defender and move Luiz into mid-field to make it a bit more dynamic but we all know Sarri wouldn’t even come up with that in his dreams. What about Ampadu, is he still injured or even in the squad. He’s good enough to play mid-field for Wales so why not us?


GettyImages 919132264 - Liverpool need to sign big names now; ‘billions’ know coach is wrong

Ampadu trained with the squad last week 67. Drinkwater could be on the bench too if we named him in the UEFA squad as we can name 12 subs also Connor Gallagher who had been training with the first team for a while not ideal but Arsenal have lost Miki and Ramsey too.

I’m pretty sure Sarri will go for a starting midfield three of Jorginho, Kovacic and Barkley but you never know Sarri might spring a suprise?

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Perfect swap could help De Ligt to Man Utd

The reports in Holland is that United and Ajax are working out a megadeal what brings De Ligt to United and Timothy Fosu-Mensah to Ajax. TFM wants to return to Holland, so that is a perfect deal!!



That would be a perfect deal!



Well premature though it maybe you can forget that deal. Sky are reporting united not interested in pursuing De Ligt! A classic example when it’s rotten it’s rotten ,United’s name is not strong enough to pull big name players not anymore. The kid won’t give up on Barcelona. Id love to be wrong!

united_we_win .Ligt 1 - Liverpool need to sign big names now; ‘billions’ know coach is wrong

De Ligt is a great prospect; a very accomplished defender and a real leader at the age of 19, which is very unusual, especially in this day and age. However, he is managed by Mino f***ing Raiola and tbh, I don’t want that slimy rat creeping anywhere in this club’s corridors. It will be sad to see De Ligt becoming the worlds best cb at another club but on the plus side, we won’t be allowing Raiola more influence at United through gullible players.



The talk here is that Raiola is using Utd to get De Ligt the best deal possible from Barca. The kid has made it obvious all along that he wants to go to Barca. There is a big connection between Ajax and Barcelona. And there is a massive Dutch ex pat community here. I would be amazed if we signed him.

And i dont think that is any type of snub either. Liverpool or City wouldn’t be able to sign him even if they wanted to. Its more about his desire to live and play in Barcelona than us being a spent force in the transfer market. I think saying that is pure bo***cks. England has nearly always been second choice to Spain when it comes to signing continental players.



We are not a spent force in the transfer market or in general! N1xer is spot on,most continental players prefer to play in Spain-the Dutch especially!
And after that shambles against Valencia in the Coppa del Rey-Barca are expected to begin a serious rebuilding job this summer!
Expected De Ligt to join Barca all summer,ahead of United..



To be honest, if de Ligt really wanted to come to United the deal would be done already. As stated, Raiola is a scumbag so the less we have to do with him the better to be honest regardless of how good de Ligt is. If he did sign, he’d probably be off to Barca or Madrid in three or four years when what we want is a player who’s going to be in it for the long haul. If we can get a CB who’s going to be a rock for the next decade, even if he’s not the complete player de Ligt is, I’d rather have him. Much as it galls me to say it, it’s time we let the de Ligt rumour go and concentrate on players who genuinely want to be here and are not coming because of the money. Even if that means buying young, hungry, English players who won’t come good for a season or two, so be it. The talent exists in England now more than it ever has in the last decade or so, so we should be looking at home rather than abroad first.



What’s worrying is that we’re already almost 2 weeks into the window and we STILl haven’t appointed our Director of Football. We should’ve had the best candidate lined up and in place the moment the final whistle of our last game was blown, but no – here we are with no DoF and the same crap as the last 5 years happening.

Woodward’s running of this football club, from a football perspective, is criminal.

Sympathy for the Devils


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