Man Utd duo surplus to requirements; Klopp’s style change splits fans

Manchester United fans discuss whether they should keep two important first-team stars, while Liverpool readers argue over Jurgen Klopp’s style change – all in our forum.

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It’s quite clear that Ole has no power whatsoever when it comes to transfers. And all this “he’s gonna ship Fellaini and Rojo out” was click bait.
If the club wouldn’t spend the necessary money in the summer, when we clearly needed players, why would they spend money in January when we’ve won 6 games in a row? If anything the form of the team will convince the board that no money needs to be spent…


PA.34377100 - Man Utd duo surplus to requirements; Klopp’s style change splits fans

Happy, I’m pretty sure Ole has been saying this himself. Even if he does get the job full time I reckon it’ll be under a DoF who will control most of the signings anyway
Would be great to get both Rojo and Fellaini off the books but they are both injured right now so going nowhere. The only way I can imagine selling them is a loan deal where there is an obligation to buy at a set fee if they play a certain amount of games



Agreed Homerjay. I suppose Ole’s biggest task (And big Mick Phelan) is to get the players they currently have playing at their top level, which is what they’re doing pretty well so far.
I still find it utterly inexplicable as to why Jose couldn’t do the same…



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My linee-up would look like this..

De Gea
Dalot Bailly Lindelöf Shaw
Matic Herrera
Pogba Sanchez Martial

tempted to go for a big score but.. actually no buts i’m going for a 5-0 thumping

Sanchez hattrick, Rashford and Lindelöf to score his first goal


Marcus Rashford Manchester United TEAMtalk - Man Utd duo surplus to requirements; Klopp’s style change splits fans

3-0 seems the popular choice but i don’t think Brighton ship that many goals, do they? Hmmm, maybe a 2-0 is better.
I’ll wait for the line up…



It’s funny, Brighton seem to be a team that we’ve struggled against since they were promoted. Possibly one of the best examples of Mourinho’s failures to adjust tactically or a great example of a team that the players were dialling it in against expecting to win without putting in the effort? Who knows, anyway, as is standard, 3-0 to Utd, think Old Trafford will be buzzing after the Spurs result




I think there is more than one way to play the game and I would say that we are still an interesting team to watch despite not playing “pass and move” football to the letter of the law. Klopp’s system is more direct with emphasis on quick breaks and some long passes. Asthetically I preferred his all out attacking system last year but this year we have more points. To me we seen like a more attacking attractive version of Mourinho’s Chelsea teams.


Jurgen.Klopp 711 - Man Utd duo surplus to requirements; Klopp’s style change splits fans

Chelsea aren’t really pass and move. They are more a possession team. We can play like Chelsea at times. We can keep the ball for long periods but agree about city

We are a much more patient team these days. We don’t panic if we haven’t scored after 20 mins. We are very solid

Enjoy watching us play and still think we can go up another gear.

We have it in us like againest aresnal. We are a top team these days who can play all different ways

Go a goal down and we up the pace.0/0 at half time we up it 2Nd hakf. We can keep the ball all day or we can play on the counter attack

Sean the sailor


Pass and move seems a rather simplistic term, sort of thing you’d tell your u8 team to do!

Last season we played pretty much one way, gegenpress in a 433. It was exciting, relied on winning the ball back as quick as possible and counter attacking. But some teams like Swansea bypassed the press thus rendering the tactic ineffective.

GettyImages 944606956 - Man Utd duo surplus to requirements; Klopp’s style change splits fans

This season Klopp has used a variety of tactics. We’ve seen 433 with the press, 4231 with an extra creative attacker and a more patient approach and a solid 4411 which can soak up pressure and use Salah’s pace on the break. Players bought in the summer like Shaq and Fabinho, along with existing players like Hendo and Gini enable Klopp to be flexible depending on the opposition.

We do pass, we do move, but we do a whole lot more too. And it is working as we have won every game vs teams outside the top 5.

I’m not sure exactly what the apparent cristism of our play is regarding this thread. Are people unhappy with how the team plays or is performing? Do you want us to go back to a more defined style and lose our flexibility? Do people want us to tiki taka our way to 70% possession every game just for the hell of it?



So let me get this right you folk do not mind pass and move football especially when the guy is scared to make a forward pass? If this thread is still about certain individuals I get. Some of us enjoy direct play with an element of patient build up. But there are certain players that are just boring to watch. Thats the annoying part to see as a fan.




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I am not confident that we can win there. Their attack is superior than ours with Auba and Lacazette. Ramsey if he plays is dangerous too. The plus factor for us is their defense that took 5 goals from Liverpool. But we have a slow attack compare to Liverpool.

Anyway if we can win there, it will be great as the distance between us and Arsenal will be bigger. The pressure is on them this time. I hope CHO will start and will exploit Arsenal’s defense. I would play with false 9 again as we need speed here. Willian, Hazard, CHO in attack


Sarri Chelsea TEAMtalk - Man Utd duo surplus to requirements; Klopp’s style change splits fans

With ManU creeping up and with Spurs potentially going to drop points without Kane for a while, the great incentive we have at Arsenal is really opening up a significant gap between them and us which should see them out of the top 4 spot race

I mention Spurs because although I expect them to win this weekend we are only a point adrift and if they do slip we need to be there to take advantage to cement our top 4 spot

Really important game tomorrow which I am confident we can win but we must not lose under any circumstances. KTBFFH



If we have learnt anything from our recent matches’ it’s that we should never count our chickens before they hatch. If we play like we did against the Newcastle in the first half. Arsenal will win that game comfortably for sure. We don’t know which Chelsea will turn up for this match, and which Arsenal will turn up for this match. We seriously need to work out from our recent creativity problems if we are to take something from that game. The number of chances that we have created is very low compared to our rivals who are creating a good number of chances.

Gonzalo Higuain celebrates goal AC Milan Atalanta - Man Utd duo surplus to requirements; Klopp’s style change splits fans

I would throw Higuain straight in to the mix should ge complete the move in time. And would facilitate Morata’s depature today so that we can have a fully committed team. Drop Willian and play Hazard and Pedro out wide and bring CHO early in the second half to gain some experience in to playing matches of these magnitude. Recently Alonso has been pants, and i suspect Arsenal will target him like Spurs and United has done. Be careful with that.



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