Man Utd fans dispute how Dan James was signed; why sin bins are way forward

Man Utd fans are in hot debate as to how Dan James arrived, was he scouted? And one supporter believes yellow cards are useless and proposes sin bins, all in our forum.


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Wolves test will be tough for Chelsea

GettyImages.1145669341 - Man Utd fans dispute how Dan James was signed; why sin bins are way forward

Found this site nine

Seems probable Rudiger can play but match fitness is a worry. Hopefully Kante will be recovered after missing internationals and he can play.

Doubts on a few others though but Hudson-odoi could be on the bench according to this site too nine, and that would be nice. Ruben apparently will be october, reece james a good two weeks away.

I wouldnt be too disheartened if we failed to win. I dug Wolves out on another forum for being so horrible to watch against utd but its nonsense to criticise them really, they will be very difficult to beat.

If we win this it will be a great result.



Lucky, yeah I agree Wolves play to their strengths and their own system and are always capable of an upset Wolves away is never an easy game especially after an international break.

Rudi has got a couple of U23 games under his belt now and I think he will be ok important we get him and Kante back playing especially with the games we’ve got coming up.

Emerson’s injury is allegedly only minor so hopefully he will be back soon too.

Ruben would be a plus for October imo I was thinking Christmas time.

Once we have everyone up and running we’ll be ok imo. And it will give Frank time to asses a fully fit squad ahead of the ban potentially being lifted in January although January is notoriously a very difficult time to sign the players you really want.

nine nine nine


I think they have more problems than us with internationals. Their main goalscorer Jimenez is with Mexico national team. If I am not mistaken, Pulisic has been released from the US national team for the match against Uruguay. So he will be back earlier and thus fresher.

My feeling is that Rudiger should start. Emerson will probably be absent due to his injury. Wolves haven’t really had good result this season and I hope we can take advantage of their current form. I think Frank needs a second win, hopefully we’ll win this match even though we play away



Man Utd finally have a plan

GettyImages.1171319981 - Man Utd fans dispute how Dan James was signed; why sin bins are way forward

Leicester look a decent outfit and have spent wisely for a team challenging for top 6.

With us its frustrating and a hard one to call. Despite the defeat and draws I am confident we are moving in the right direction team wise. We look more energetic, more emphasis on youth, I’ve seen James and AWB go past full backs and put a ball in and realistically had those two pens have gone in there would be less gloom about us. For the first time in a while we look like we have a plan but we are definitely held back by the board if rumours are true.

I’m made up to see Darmian, Valencia, smalling Rom and Sanchez go and rumours of Rojo going in January are great we just need some more quality in.

I’d stick with him and let him see this through because we are definitely healthier as a team for it. Miles off winning the prem but we always needed to sort ourselves out first



Scouting under scrutiny

Daniel.James  - Man Utd fans dispute how Dan James was signed; why sin bins are way forward

Haha a fortnight with no posts from libanski and his first post in a match topic is not about the match, it’s a snide remark directed at me. I’m not surprised, he sings from the same songsheet so of course he’d want to praise our scouts for their excellent work “unearthing yet another gem”. Perhaps he should consider the reason we’ve been up sh*t creek the past 6 years is because of all the “gems” the scouts have sold us.

@libanski – I didn’t debate, there’s nothing to debate, happyhurling was just bullsh*tting us into believing everything is rosy in the garden and the scouts are doing great work. Heaven forbid I should try to debate something on a discussion forum.



Happy mate, you dont help yourself sometimes! soon as i read that initial comment i knew what would happen!

i think the main issue is “our scouts have unearthed another gem”

no they didnt and havent for a very long time…(most scouts at most clubs seem to be as bad tho)

he has started very well for club and country and you should rightly be excited by this…but then not over egg the omolette with it being such early days….;)



Giggs recommended Dan James

Daniel James Man Utd - Man Utd fans dispute how Dan James was signed; why sin bins are way forward

happy – I dont want this to become a debate, we don’t want to upset your amigo libanski not to mention N!xer but to answer your question, your assertion is false because:

1) The scouts didn’t “unearth” James, he was recommended to the club by Giggs. Did you know this? Do you dispute this?

2) The scouts haven’t unearthed a gem in decades, so your use of the word “another” is false, its spin.

3) James is not a gem, he can rightly be considered as a prospective gem just like that lump of coal may be considered a prospective diamond. Time will tell, it may very well turn into a diamond but like so many of our prospects it may remain a lump of coal.

4) I used the word star because that is what a gem is, its a rare and precious thing that has significant value. I asked you to define what you meant by gem, you ignored the question as you normally do when you have no answer.

5) If the scouts were uncovering gems at the pace you suggest then everything would be rosy, certainly with the scouting department. But that is not the case because you fibbed, you were spinning again.

You were doing what you always do, hyping somebody up and heaping praise well well before it is warranted. This inability of yours to wait is emotional incontinence, and we all know what can happen when you suffer from incontinence.

@libanski -hey he asked the question and I assume he wanted an answer. I just gave it to him 1f642 - Man Utd fans dispute how Dan James was signed; why sin bins are way forward



Mac – So Ryan Giggs called up Man Utd and said “hey you really need to buy Dan James”?

Really? Is that actually what happened? Isn’t it more likely that Man Utd called Giggs to ask his thoughts on their target? Even if it is the case, does it really matter? Our “scouting network” (perhaps inclusive of former players) got together for talks and as a result we ended up signing Dan James for pittance.

Again I’m not “heaping praise” on Dan James, show me where I am? I said he looks a great prospect. Do you know what prospect means?

You also might need to look up the word “another”. It doesn’t refer to a time period. So if our scouts unearthed a gem 20 years ago and then unearthed a gem 20 years later – it can be referred to as another gem!
Jesus, I thought you were the master of the English language…



Sin bins required?

Regarding rule changes, a problem with the game is a yellow card isn’t really a punishment (although it does make red a possibility) and a red is often too harsh, having an impact on the result or at least on the style of the game which detracts the entertainment for fans.

It may be time to consider the possibility of a Sin Bin. This makes it easier for refs to penalise cases that are not open and shut red cards. And the penalty can be more proportionate to the seriousness of the infringement and likely impact on result.

AND the whole concept of penalty needs a rethink. The problem is it’s invariably a goal (not for United at the moment). It was fine back in the day when players were gentleman and a foul in the box was letting the side down by being ungentlemanly. But today with simulation, faster play and players looking for the penalty rather than trying to score, it’s a different ball game.


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