Man Utd new boy a ‘major disappointment’; Chelsea fans split over Jan striker target

Manchester United fans are far from happy at the moment and their forum is full of forthright opinions, while Chelsea supporters discuss the potential signing of Edinson Cavani, all in Your Says of the Day.


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10 more wins…

10 more league wins and that’s it officially wrapped up.

Unless of course City drop more points.



Its in the bag lads.. from now until May is a title procession.



If we can just get through the Wolves match we have :

West Ham (A)
Southampton (H)
Norwich (A)
West Ham (H)
Watford (A)

I’d hope for maximum points from this block.

City’s games during this time, approx :

Spurs (A)
West Ham (H)
Leicester (A)
Arsenal (H)
Man Utd (A)
Burnley (H)

I tell you what, I prefer our block to theirs.



Liverpool should free Shaqiri

Xherdan.Shaqiri 21 - Man Utd new boy a ‘major disappointment’; Chelsea fans split over Jan striker target

I feel bad for Shaqiri but I’m sure that Klopp has his reasons for almost never playing him. He started against Barca when Salah and Firmino were both injured. He did well, setting up at least 1 of the goals. He scored 2 against Utd but he can go missing.

We have Minamino now who might have been signed as a replacement for Shaqiri. I guess Shaq knows he has no chance of any game-time, why else would you want to leave this project. It can’t be easy to be so close and yet so far but if he needs a move then we should give him one.



I doubt that is true, Shaqiri is as unlucky with his injuries as Keita if not more, its kinda like every time we need him in the team he gets a small knock, which keeps him out until the player he needed to replace is back in the side.

Its a really bad idea to let anyone leave at this stage and I’m pretty sure that Shaqiri wants the premierleague title to his name but he is going to have some suitors next summer.

He is quality and I can’t begrudge him a move if he wants more football but I would be really surprised to see it happen right now in Jan.

I always looked at Minamino as a replacement for Lallana eventually, who is in a similar situation as Shaqiri except his contract is up this summer and he bound to want more gametime.

It could be a very big window for us and we could drop down a level next season as a number of players could leave, senior players like Lallana, Shaqiri and Lovren. Even if they are not getting a lot of game time they are invaluable to the team.





Dan James’ role ‘should be limited’; Maguire a disappointment

Daniel James Conor Coady Getty - Man Utd new boy a ‘major disappointment’; Chelsea fans split over Jan striker target

James has played way too many games for someone with as little experience at this level. It’s an indictment of our transfer strategy that he’s become one of the first names on the teamsheet only a year after becoming a regular in the Championship. He has some qualities that can come in handy but his role should be limited to cameo appearances late on when games become stretched.

As for AWB, he’s had plenty of good defensive performances but this is Manchester United, not Crystal Palace, and he simply has to bring more in attack. I’m not sure he’ll be able to add that to his locker and, at the moment, his best position would probably be as a right center back in a back 3.

Harry Maguire has been a major disappointment; we all knew of his lack of pace but plenty of center backs are able to paper over that by being strong, determined and good readers of the game. Maguire is none of those things. His supposed leadership skills are also non existent and it looks like the step up was way too big for him.

All 3 signings showed promise to begin with and some of them might play a role in the future but let’s be honest; none of them were going to take us back to where we want to be. No 3 signings can and until at least 90% of the squad has been replaced as well as all the managerial staff, Ed Woodward and the Glazers…we’re not going to achieve an awful lot.



Must say, agree with all the above. As Gary Neville remarked, to have spent £950m since Fergie left and this is what we have to show for it. Its a complete and utter sh*tshow.
Anyone thinking Ole is working on transfers right now, think again. All OGS will be doing right now will be prepping his words for the media frenzy coming his way over his utter shambolic handling of Rashfords injury. RVP said today this injury did him in for 4 months and others have also remarked how 6 weeks is utter nonsense. I’ll wager, we wont see him again this season.

Bring back the Green n Gold with a vengeance…..



@roygbiv – Can’t disagree mate, in a nutshell Ole’s 3 signings cost the club 145m and we still haven’t ended up with a top player who is going to fundamentally improve us, so how is giving him another 3 or 4 transfer windows going to do anything other than set us even further backwards, and waste yet another ton of cash?.

PS My spellchecker always tries to change your username to ‘dogging’, anything you need to tell us mate?!1f633 - Man Utd new boy a ‘major disappointment’; Chelsea fans split over Jan striker target1f633 - Man Utd new boy a ‘major disappointment’; Chelsea fans split over Jan striker target1f602 - Man Utd new boy a ‘major disappointment’; Chelsea fans split over Jan striker target1f602 - Man Utd new boy a ‘major disappointment’; Chelsea fans split over Jan striker target1f602 - Man Utd new boy a ‘major disappointment’; Chelsea fans split over Jan striker target



Blacky-AWB & James are still young & have time to improve great deal,but how on the name of almighty God did we end up paying £80m for “slaphead”,I will never understand.Did Ole just go:he is better than Jones & Lindeflop?
As for Tony,deary me,cant believe we kept him playing for full 10 seasons.
ps:reading that your mate Marcos might be on his way back to dont cry for me Argentina



Like the rumours of Alcacer floating around – a good age and a great scoring record but has been moved aside for bigger, more extravagant names rather than because he doesn’t warrant a place in the team.

if we get him for cheap he’d be a great addition I think.

Sympathy for the Devils



Shift Martial out wide

I’d be tempted to shift Martial to left wing and give Mason the chance up top. We need Garner on the bench and can hopefully take off one of Fred/Matic on 60 mins as both will soon be at risk of burn-out.
AWB, Lindelof, Maguire, Williams
Matic, Fred
Mata, Gomes, Martial
Subs: Romero, Shaw, Dalot, Garner, Pereira, Lingard, James



This exactly the sort of match that we need a player like Fernandes for, someone who will smash one in from outside the box. As we don’t have any of those, we’ll struggle to break them down. 1-0 to us.



Cavani for Chelsea?

cavani 11 - Man Utd new boy a ‘major disappointment’; Chelsea fans split over Jan striker target

I think if we can get Cavani on a short term deal, we should make that a priority. I love what Tammy has done this season but he needs to share the responsibility of scoring our goals, Cavani is still a top class striker! Think he’ll need to adjust his salary expectations though, 360k isn’t going to work.

On Kepa, he needs more time, still relatively young and inexperienced but don’t see him getting away with that beyond next season. I do worry about some of the goals he concedes though, on numerous occasions this season he’s got a big hand or two on the ball and its still found its way into the net, he needs to work on those poppadom palms, expensive keepers keep those out. Wouldn’t be thinking about replacing him just yet.

luigi mancini


Only problem with Cavani he will expect to start most games so I don’t know how that will effect Tammy. What will then happen to Batsyui, Giroud I assume is almost gone. We need Pulisic and RLC back as soon as possible. We don’t have enough final creativity. As for the back 4 besides Reece we don’t really know who the other 3 should be.



We would be crazy to break our wage structure to accomodate a 32 years old player. However good he is, we really need to think carefully. I would stick with the players we have if we cannot get our main targets (Werner or Dembélé). Cavani would not want to be a back up. If he starts, he will hinder Tammy’s development. Moreover Cavani is inexperienced with the speed and physicality of Premier League.

About Kepa, I start to think he is not suited for Premier League. Too lightweight. He has good feet, good passing skills. However his hands aren’t strong enough and his cross handling is really poor. He let some soft goals and it’s not good for the team



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