Quiet Liverpool transfer window could backfire; if only Bailly had a brain

Liverpool fans fear that the lack of transfer activity this summer could backfire on the club, while Man Utd readers discuss how good Eric Bailly could be – if he only had a brain. All in our forum…


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Jurgen Klopp warns Liverpool ‘won’t have the biggest transfer window of all time’ this summer



No surprise really as the club has been giving signals all summer that this will be a quiet window.

A Very very disappointing decision and one that i think will backfire later in the season..hope im wrong.


Jurgen.Klopp 131 - Quiet Liverpool transfer window could backfire; if only Bailly had a brain

Just because Klopp says Liverpool ‘won’t have the biggest transfer window of all time’, it does not mean that we will not sign anyone, or even sign a big player.

As always the proof is in the signings



I don’t think we’ll have the biggest window of all time either.
We don’t need to.
I just hope we buy another versatile forward as that is the obvious necessity in the squad IMO.



Keeping a top player happy will not be a problem as we are in 4 competitions, and hoping to challenge for the Premier League plus defend our CL title. Especially when you account for injuries, fatigue and suspensions.

The more talented attacker we sign, the better (assuming we do sign one)


Fabinho Firmino Van Dijk Henderson Salah Liverpool celebration v Porto - Quiet Liverpool transfer window could backfire; if only Bailly had a brain

It is a balancing act.
But there’s no better man to manage it.
Other big clubs manage to work with quality forwards as subs.

There’s also the situation where our front 3 won’t be at the club for ever.



Put it this way, we will be far more disappointed if we do not sign a top attacker, and then one of our top 3 gets injured for a long time.

If we really want to win the Premier League, I see absolutely no problem in signing a versatile top attacker to complement our front 3. There will be more than enough games to keep all of them happy, and in fact give them more of a break to keep them even fresher and more effective



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Bailly is like Smalling, seemingly rock solid for a period of games and then has a complete brain fart allowing a goal or gets himself sent off. Reliably unreliable, excuse the oxymoron.


Ole.Gunnar.Solskjaer.Paul .Pogba .Eric .Bailly1 - Quiet Liverpool transfer window could backfire; if only Bailly had a brain

Bailly is the one I’m most disappointed in, as he was the one who looked most like succeeding. He got off to a great start where he showed all of the attributes and then he got injured and has been hit and miss ever since. Reliably unreliable is the perfect summation, Killy.



Yeah agree on Bailly. Fast, strong, tough tackler, tenacious. But absolutely no brain whatsoever!
The goal he allowed to happen against Newcastle was a level below amateur. He was hauled off a few minutes later and we came back to win. Unfortunately we’re a far better team when he’s not in it, it seems!



Bailly also seems to be constructed of balsa wood and glass, which isn’t great for a CB!

When he first signed, I thought he was going to be superb. Seems he was playing above his average. Think last season he struggled and was below his average. Once fully fit I expect his ‘average’ performance won’t be good enough for us, which is a shame. As happy says he’s got some great attributes but absolutely no footballing brain!



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Tweet from Arsenal fan Ahmed after Koschielny refuses to travel with Arsenal touring party to the US.

“Emery’s 5 captains:

Koscielny – refuses to play
Özil – not interested in Emery
Cech – joined Chelsea staff
Ramsey – moved to Juventus
Xhaka – half of fanbase want him sold”

And we thought we had problems.1f60a - Quiet Liverpool transfer window could backfire; if only Bailly had a brain

nine nine nine

GettyImages.1153735278 - Quiet Liverpool transfer window could backfire; if only Bailly had a brain

999 Arsenal seem in a worse position than us, but we should not underestimate them. They can reinforce. And I still think that they are our main competitor for the top 4 spots together with Man Utd and Spurs. Everton may join the fight but we’ve been saying the same things for 2-3 seasons and they are never there (yet). Top 2 is IMO assured between Man City and Liverpool as they are miles above other teams in the Premier League.

If we can find our scoring boots (Abraham and Michy hopefully but as well as goalscoring midfielders that we don’t have since Lamps or goalscoring winger that we will need badly as Hazard is gone): we should be all right. We won’t be champion but top 4 should be possible. My main concern next season is the goals. Where they will come from. Our best goalscorer last season has left. Pedro could score but Willian is never prolific. Pulisic hopefully and CHO when he will return.

Drinkwater, I still think he won’t make the squad. Except if Lampard wants to recreate Leicester partnership with Kanté. But he is homegrown and we don’t have many of them. So many central midfielders but none of them can score except RLC who is injured



Aindro, personally I’m not even thinking about top 4 in Frank’s first season I think this season is about Frank laying down the foundations , seeing who is capable of being promoted to the first team squad from the current young players,establishing CHO and RLC in the first team once fit and firming up on the way we are going to play which currently for next season looks like 4/2/3/1.

But of course if a CL place comes along I would be delighted but what I’m really looking for is progress on all of the above.

You’re right there are still question marks re the striker situation but this season we all have to accept that we can only solve it with what we’ve got and who knows we might suprise ourselves.

I think Chelsea now have a direction whilst Arsenal are in a mess and whilst Arsenal can reinforce they have a very limited budget and without they sell Aubemayang for a lot of money who is there best offensive players and would weaken them anyway they won’t be able to buy anyone of merit and they’ve lost Ramsey for nothing too.

I can see Emery becoming very frustrated at Arsenal and he may not go past the end of this season and where Arsenal go from there is anyone’s guess.

nine nine nine


999 agree. I hope Frank Lampard can rebuild the team this season and of course in order to do that he has to get a support from Roman Abramovich. I predicted Chelsea to finish 4th in the beginning of last season and we finished 3rd. It’s a surprise (a nice one!) for me that we finished above Spurs. I think this coming season we will finish 4th or 5th. I really hope two of Spurs, Arsenal and Man Utd will mess up, very probably the latter two. But I reckon they have a good squad. Arsenal clearly have great goalscorers in Auba and Lacazette. So I won’t underestimate them at all. Man Utd would probably be in a bigger mess with Pogba and Lukaku saga. But once they are able to sell those 2: they will have money to buy new players.


Rob Green Football365 - Quiet Liverpool transfer window could backfire; if only Bailly had a brain

Aindro, I truly admire your optimism mate good on yer. I would be delighted if we can finish in the top 4 this season but hand on heart I’m not expecting it this season. Hope you’re right though.1f60a - Quiet Liverpool transfer window could backfire; if only Bailly had a brain Cheers 999

nine nine nine


999 I am not sure. I just think our squad should still be good enough. But it will depend on Frank Lampard’s adaptation, on whether we can score goals or not, on a lot of factors TBH. Whether Arsenal and Man Utd will reinforce or not…

This is what I found last night, the pruning has started: Chelsea returning players to London : Marc Guehi, Trevoh Chalobah, Dujon Stering, Conor Gallagher, Lewis Baker, Lucas Piazon, Izzy Brown and Ike Ugbo. As expected Piazon won’t make it, Izzy Brown won’t make it, together with some youngsters who will either return to the youth team or to be loaned somewhere else. I expect at least two more prunings will come.

Another problem is injuries. Season hasn’t even started and Kanté is carrying an injury and is training separately in Ireland. Willian is injured currently, from Copa America. And the casualties from last season: Rudiger, CHO, RLC as well as Reece James. IMO this is worrying.



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people will say he (Koscielny) has been a great servant etc, but for me he is the best o a very poor defensive bunch we have had and is not shy in naking the odd error himself, franklu for a club cuptain and senior figure id have expected him to lay into our defense and get it working better than it ever does, he is also increasingly injured anyway

backing the club on this one from what i have read today…..

id let him go and get Cahil in for a year…..free and would be cheap wages, can defend and knows how to martial a defense, maybe a cheap but good stop gap for a year?


GettyImages.1072882280 - Quiet Liverpool transfer window could backfire; if only Bailly had a brain

I would do the following take away the captain armband and then fine him.

If he is dead set on leaving have him train with the U23 and that he needs to find some who pays somewhere around £15m.

If no club does that then he will have to sit out his contract with the U23s



Don’t let him go,make an example out of him.Isn’t anyone sick of Player power?Thing is we can afford to make an example out of him.His wages are not that much.This might be the very few times that a club will not give into player power.Being a captain of the club,what he’s done is disgusting.Make him train with the U-23’s and stick him on the bench for the rest of the season.

It’s not like we are going to achieve anymore or anyless with or without him.

the specialone


i think this may be a first on this page!!!

quick take a screen shot!

All voices/fans agree and the message is f*** you LK!

thats got to be a nice feeling right there chaps!?



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