Spurs star likely to miss out to Man Utd counterpart because of one key factor – opinion

Hugo Lloris was linked with a move to PSG earlier this week, with The Sun claiming that he is the “main alternative” to Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea this summer.

On the chalkboard

United are reportedly ready to accept up to £75m for De Gea, whose contract expires next summer, but the Spurs goalkeeper is seen as an effective back-up.

Lloris, of course, captained France to World Cup glory last summer and helped his club to the Champions League final, where they were beaten 2-0 by Liverpool.

Which player, though, is better, and who should PSG really be targeting?

Both played at the World Cup and both have featured in the Premier League, the UEFA Nations League and the Champions League.

David de Gea - Spurs star likely to miss out to Man Utd counterpart because of one key factor - opinion

Lloris made a total of 52 appearances for both France and Spurs and makes, on average, 2.9 saves per game. He made 0.1 saves from shots in the six-yard box, 1.9 in the penalty area and just 0.9 outside of the box. In terms of distribution, Lloris averages 30.5 passes per game, with 7.2 accurate long balls and 8.2 inaccurate.

De Gea, by comparison, makes 2.8 saves per game for Spain and United across 55 games, slightly fewer than Lloris. He made 0.2 saves inside the six-yard box, 1.4 in the penalty area, and 1.2 from outside the box. He passes the ball less, with 23.5 per game, with 7.1 accurate long balls and 8.6 inaccurate.

There is perhaps an argument to be made that Lloris is playing behind a better defence, particularly at club level, but the statistics are slightly tit for tat.

De Gea, clearly, is better at stopping shots from outside the box but worse at denying strikers from close-range. That has perhaps always been evident; the Spurs captain is seen as a world-class shot-stopper and that is, by far, his best attribute.

De Gea with the upside

It is pertinent to compare the ages of the goalkeepers; De Gea is 28, Lloris is 32.

Both, of course, have plenty of gas left in the tank. They are each playing at the highest level possible and they have proved themselves multiple times over.

It may simply come down to which player has the highest upside, then.

The Frenchman has been there and done it all and there are mistakes creeping in. He is not the goalkeeper Spurs signed any more – he made errors against Chelsea, Liverpool and PSV Eindhoven just this season – while De Gea was not his usual meme-worthy self in 2018/19. “Dave saves” but only sometimes.

He is the one who has another decade, though, while Lloris perhaps has half that.

One feels, then, that, given their relatively similar statistics, PSG are more likely to make a move for the United keeper.

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