The trio that don’t fit Ole’s new Man Utd; Liverpool fans excited

Liverpool fans are getting exited and Manchester United supporters want the deadwood trimming at Old Trafford and three players have been mentioned, all in our forum.


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Thanks Rafa

Get in Rafa Benitez. Never disappoints us & has delivered a huge favour. We need to take full advantage now against Leicester to build a 7 point lead again. Come on the Redmen ynwa 263a - The trio that don’t fit Ole’s new Man Utd; Liverpool fans excited



Massive pressure on the boys tonight, but deep down, if they really want to win the title, they just have to find a way to win tonight.

Here’s hoping for the 3 points



Spot on songman. We will see this team has the balks to really win the league tonight

Rob, Brady always concerns me and gray out wide. We can get hit on the break

Get at Morgan. Crowd will be well up for it tonight

Sean the sailor


Great chance today to be 7 points ahead of City after Rafa’s gift yesterday.
In the past we made many gifts to our opponents and now it is time to accept theirs!!



I had honestly counted tonight as a win for Man City but Rafa did it. Nothing really changes in terms of what we need. I only hope that this doesn’t alter the chemistry too much, as it is a surprising situation but we have the chance to go 7 clear and that’s incredible.

I didn’t watch the Newcastle V Man City game (besides the last 10) but just looking at the result, you’ve got to ask if maybe Man City bottled it.

I really hope that although we’re happy about it, it changes nothing. Klopp must tell them that they win tomorrow, nothing else.



Trio don’t fit for United


We all knew we had to drop points eventually but it could have been so much worse. We were outfought and outthought for most of the match but we showed great character to salvage a point. It’s definitely not good enough but maybe going 2 down was a much needed shock to the system after weeks of flying high.

Our recent performances have been all about pace and penetration. Lukaku, Mata and Pereira simply don’t fit that profile and it made for a very pondorous performance where everything seemed random and rushed. In a way, it may have been what we needed because I think too many were starting to look 3 or 4 games forward in search of some kind of a records. We need to take one game at a time and I doubt Ole will even contemplate making changes to his preferred starting XI – not after the performances we witnessed from those given a chance to stake a claim tonight.



I note one of the usual whipping boys, Lukaku, is getting the blame again tonight when it was actually Rashford that stunk the place out. As for Mata, am I right in thinking these stupid f*ckers have offered him a new 140k a week contract? Another day, same old United.



I’m downunder for the winter but they show all PL games live here so have been watching whats going on but did I seriously read this week that we are offering Young and Mata new contracts!!!?

Well at least it sounds like Bogbrush is finally departing. Too many changes today but Rashford really should have scored at least 2 tonight which would have made it a comfortable win.

I bet Burnley didn’t play like that against City though! Still think Lindelof isn’t anywhere near good enough along with the rest of the CB’s.



Deadwood needs culling

HH I’ll give ole benefit of the doubt but this could well be a point gained, come season end!he must realise that deadwood fc that lurks within the corridors of united has to be culled. This cannot go on young can’t cross a bridge let alone a ball Mata jones geez I’ll say that again jonesss sigh, how is this a guy stealing a living lucky b…. etc this lot need to go.

They should have given ole a signing or two this window but they have failed him the fans and this club simple as! Wont spend can’t spend looking for the cheaper options new contracts etc!

I doubt it will change in the summer we simply need new owners I’ve banged on about the Saudis they would take us to the next level where not even city Liverpool PSG Madrid Barca combined could reach.



Only caught the second half. Lukaku is a long way off the required fitness to play in this team. Missed their first goal due to dodgy stream.

Their second was absolutely shocking defending from Young and whoever was supposed to be helping him on that side (Mata/Lingard?). Sanchez and Lingard looked bright. Team showed great spirit to get those two late goals (I got 10/1 for backing that 1f61b - The trio that don’t fit Ole’s new Man Utd; Liverpool fans excited )



Burnley a ‘disgrace’

Paul.Pogba2  - The trio that don’t fit Ole’s new Man Utd; Liverpool fans excited

Just got back from the match. Burnley are a disgrace! As is Jon Moss! The time wasting in that game was beyond ridiculous and Moss allowed it. I know it’s our job to break them down but still. Every single challenge was a foul according to the ref. Even mata lost his cool and got booked for disent.

Perreira won’t get another chance after that offered nothing and gave away the goal.

Jones didn’t win a header all night. Matic didn’t really either but played his position well.

Lindelöf is getting better game by game.

Lukaku cannot start another game for us. Rashford is wasted out wide and lukaku is so slow in the middle.

Was it a pen before the pen? Looked inside the box to me from where is was sat.

Missed Herrera tonight and lingard.



Rashford miss…

Marcus Rashford Manchester United1 - The trio that don’t fit Ole’s new Man Utd; Liverpool fans excited

Burnley were the perfect team to come to Old Trafford and give us a tough time considering their style of play and the way they would set up.

For me, the crucial moment in this game was Rashford missing the sitter that Lukaku put on a plate for him in the first half. When we miss opportunities like this at home it creates pressure for us and belief for the opposition.

Many on here have spoken of Lukaku being a bad fit for how we play under Ole but I think he slots very well in running in from the right and is also one of the very few attackers we have who can physically compete with the agricultural type defenders in the league. He’s not an Agüero or and Aubameyang but he is a quality player with a lot to add for us.

Today our defence exposed the lack of quality we have. When Burnley scored their second goal, I believe if we had a van Dijk, Vidic, or Stam type player we would not have fallen behind.

So we are now 2 – 0 down with about 5 mins to go and I had a feeling that if we can get one soon, then we can definitely win this game – a feeling I haven’t had for many years. We went at them and forced a draw, something which made me think “this is Old Trafford” for the very first time in ages.

Bad points to drop but good comeback and mettle shown.



Andreas Pereira

Pereira is a good player, he made a mistake, it happens. He wasn’t backed by Jose so needs a bit more belief, Jones played a terrible ball to him. We fought back and that’s the main positive to be taken, we were camped in their box for the last ten minutes.



Major surgery required

GettyImages.1088219012 - The trio that don’t fit Ole’s new Man Utd; Liverpool fans excited

Sobering reminder ;we need some major surgery. Ole if you’re listening to the fans mata Lukaku pereira jones young etc need to be shipped! They don’t fit you’re system.

The coaching staff need to learn from this. Pereira lost the ball 14 times geez that’s criminal, he should have been hooked long ago, we don’t have time to develop him he needs to go. Cross after cross failed ,Ashley Young take a bow.

I realise ole wants to give everyone a chance but this game was similar to what we’ve seen under his predecessors aimless crosses huff and puff play the right personnel to suit your system ;hererra Matic pogba midfield Smalling Bailly Lindelöf bin jones!!!!!




@Happy-Like a few others at the club, i think there is a decent footballer in Pereira but unfortunately he’ll never be good enough to start week in week out for us. Physically he will always struggle in the premier league. He is tiny for a midfielder.

Agree the positives were the fight and spirit they showed last night but the game highlighted what is holding us back from challenging mate. I think we clearly need a world class centre half. I think the board are definitely after Koulibaly who would make a massive difference. Even if it will take daft money to get him. In midfield we struggle for ideas when chasing a game and teams are sitting deep. We need a top ball playing midfielder and also a proper right winger who can play. We have raw pace and power with Martial and Rashford but we need a winger with a bit of guile and ability on the ball.

Ole has shown the squad can challenge for top 4 but realistically that should never be the height of our aspirations for me. Hopefully the lack of spending under Mourinho will lead to a big summer in the transfer market.

Having said all that, Fred is a total mystery to me.



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