“This is the stuff that matters”: Many NUFC fans love Paul Smith’s update on post-takeover plans

Whilst big-money signings are all well and good after a takeover, making major improvements to the club’s stadium and training facilities can be equally as important, and it appears the Saudi consortium looking to buy Newcastle have got exactly that in mind.

According to journalist Paul Smith, they have drawn up a blueprint for a “major makeover” of the club, and have already drawn up plans to demolish the Magpies’ existing training ground and invest a mammoth £25m in order to bring it up to par with their Premier League rivals.

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And after seeing Smith’s update, Newcastle fans flooded to Twitter to voice their thoughts on the matter.

A couple of Newcastle fans revealed their satisfaction at seeing the club focus on the “stuff that matters”.

Unsurprisingly, many Newcastle supporters are thrilled with the idea that the Saudi consortium are looking to make major investments not just in terms of new players, but also off the pitch too.

Manchester City’s owners in particular have done a great job of ensuring the club’s training and youth facilities are amongst the best in the world, and they are already beginning to reap the rewards of that with multiple Premier League titles over the past decade.

And it looks like Newcastle’s potential new owners are looking to follow suit.

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