What does the future hold after EL final; Rivals debate transfer dealings

Arsenal fans react to Europa League humiliation, Chelsea fans question Sarri future whilst praising the performance of Hazard as he says farewell with two goals and Liverpool and Manchester United fans look at what transfer dealings might occur this summer – all in Your Says of the Day.

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Gunners fan react to the humiliating end of a disappointing season

Disgusting and dissapointing but the worst part is that it was expected.With Arsenal having much more motivation to win,we showed anyhting but.I would say years ago we had a poor mentality but apart from that we’re even poor quality.People think 2 good strikers make up for that but the reality is anything but.
Like I said,I won’t blame emery one bit.We shouldn’t have been in either the Europa league final or even the top 4 race.If we were he’s overachieved a bit.Big summer,but there’s no confidence at all,like always.



Well that’s that then. Thought we asked a few more questions in the first half but there was absolutely no creation from our forward line. But my word what a capitulation in the second. We were absolutely awful in all areas of the park. I know a load of people will bang on about our players and lack of investment from the owners (Stan couldn’t even be bothered to be there last night yet all out directors had to haul arse over to the States for the Rams Game), but I really do not think Emery is the right manager for us. Ok he has masterminded a couple of decent results against over TOP6 teams but his remit was to get us back into the champions League. He’s failed. He had two glorious opportunities to do it and he’s failed. Bottled it just like his players. We have a keeper who is good enough, we have (had) a midfield that was good enough, and our forward line is definitely good enough. Consistent Individual errors cannot be laid at the door of the player all the time, Emery and his coaching team need to iron those out. Emery tried to deal with Ozil and failed, he tried to sideline Ramsey when he should have played him and only did so when he woke up and realised we desperately needed him. He wasted millions on loaning in Suarez when we had no money, the list goes on. I’m not saying he is completely to blame but he played a big part and even though he is in his first season I don’t think he has progressed this team. I can’t think of one player that has improved under Emery


Unai.Emery 41 - What does the future hold after EL final; Rivals debate transfer dealings

Questions can of course be raised of Emery. But two things the squad is mainly Wengers and the squad is not good enough.

If we only have £40m to spend a manager like Allegri wont come anyway. Getting rid of Emery will just make us have less money to spend as we then have to pay him off and on top of that pay for a new manager.

The squad is the main issue as I see it.



Chelsea fans debate Sarri’s position after Europa League glory

Sarri still needs to go cause his not the long term answer, he makes stupid statements, is still a one trick pony, doesn’t look cool as the face of England’s most successful club, most importantly has no intention of integrating the likes of Abraham, Mount, Reece and Co. Only reason Callum and RLC got game time is because he was instructed to by the Chelsea brass who saw the mounting fury of the fans and press while Sarri just ignored them. Doesn’t matter if we finished 3rd thanks to the capitulation of Arsenal, Spurs and United, Sarri will in the end destroy the team if he stays, remember these words.


Maurizio Sarri Chelsea1 - What does the future hold after EL final; Rivals debate transfer dealings

I have had mixed feelings about Sarri all season but have to admit and accept that for his first full season in England it has to be considered a successful one. To win a European trophy, to finish 3rd in the league and achieve CL football and to reach a domestic final where we should have won has to be considered a decent season by anyone’s standards

No idea what is going to happen, especially when you see Buck speaking to the Juve owner, but if Sarri were to stay then I think that would be fair and that he deserves a second season. Any team losing a player the calibre of Eden makes it hard on the manager plus we still do not know if we are going to be able to enter the transfer market so equally if Sarri said he wanted to move on, I could understand that

Not looking to second guess what is going to happen but would like to see some clarification as soon as possible and reading that potentially Real expect to make an announcement regarding Eden on Monday so logically decisions regarding Sarri and the ban should follow quite quickly. KTBFFH



Sounds like Sarri is going to Juve according to Sky and their contacts in Italy. Reporting a meeting today between Sarri’s agent and Marina.

nine nine nine


Blues fans praise Hazard EL final performance after he announces he’s leaving

Congratulations Sarri on your first professional trophy. Really good win and what a way to bow out from Eden.
What a terrible season!!!!!!!


Eden.Hazard1 - What does the future hold after EL final; Rivals debate transfer dealings

Was not expecting that result. A cagey first half but how good were we in the second. Hazard was brilliant. He’s going…let’s face it we’ve all known deep down for a while, but what a frikken player. Best in the world at the moment and a massive massive loss.



Summer transfer window hot on the minds of Liverpool fans 

Prince lol I completely disagreee! We are just where we want to be! A few tweeks here and there but otherwise this team is pretty damn amazing if you compare us to the past…
To me looks like Klopp has full faith in Gomez and I have a feeling he will take central poation fron Matip to be the main partner. I have seen enough of Gomez to come to the conclusion hes gonna be something really special and was unlucky last season not to play more due to injuries. Also I really think we will only get a few max 3players. We dont need any midfielders because Keita and Ox will be there so I understand rhe links of Pepe from Lil… but besides another attacker I feel cover for Roberston is important. But as always I have full faith Klopp has sone ideas and by the time the window closes we will have the players we need… Now lets go and win our first Cup under him.. #YNWA


Joe Gomez Jurgen Klopp 2 - What does the future hold after EL final; Rivals debate transfer dealings

United supporters discuss possible ins and outs at Old Trafford this Summer

In a ideal world,this would happen this summer:

Wan-Bissaka- £50m
Maguire- £50m
D.Rice- £40m
J.Felix- £120m
J.Sancho- £100m
M Dembele- £45m



Jadon Sancho Borussia Dortmund - What does the future hold after EL final; Rivals debate transfer dealings

Redblood, swap Dembele for Pepe and that looks a great list. Read an interview with Dugarry yesterday where he said he doubts Dembele has the attitude or team ethic required to make it at the very top. True or not we can’t currently take those gambles, we’ve got enough sulky players as it is!



Back to players we should be interested in. Should we convince someone to take Lukaku off of our hands, how about Timo Werner as a replacement? He’s available, with Leipzig saying he’ll be sold unless he signs a new deal, so being in the last year of his deal should keep his price down. He doesn’t seem to be of interest to Bayern, the Spanish 2 or anyone else at the moment. I haven’t seen much of him but thought he was highly rated?


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