PAPN: Aggie hype and the best games of the year

1072001130.jpg.0 - PAPN: Aggie hype and the best games of the year

The 2019 college football preview series isn’t far away (lol), but let’s step back and admire the best games of the 2018 season one last time.

PREVIEW SEASON IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER, so let’s take one final look at 2018 before we move on.


  • The correct answer is “quarter-zip.”
  • This is coach gossip season
  • The 2019 preview series is … not too far away
  • The top 100 games of the college football season — the A&M narrative, the establishment of a great LSU-A&M rivalry, the Georgia narrative, great small-school games, every Old Dominion win was dramatic, there were so many great damn OU and OSU games, 1980s ski movies, the crowd reaction greatness that is Red River, and getting Army’d
  • AskPAPN: Who else should go independent? How do we evaluate strength coaches? What should South Carolina’s expectations be with Clemson and Georgia at such a high level (and Florida maybe not far behind)? Has the #SabanOr baseline changed? Should teams go for 2 down 14?

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