Rating the NFL Draft at-home war rooms from comfy to dumpy

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Oh, Dave Gettleman …

The first virtual, fully-online NFL Draft starts tonight, which has given us an opportunity to take a glimpse inside the brain trusts leading teams to see how everyone is setting up for the occasion. It’s a rare, beautiful opportunity to see what happens when some of the least technologically-advanced people in sports (football coaches) are forced to cobble together workstations to adapt to one of the highest pressure weeks on their calendar.

Let’s appreciate every home office we’ve seen so far, and rate them!

Baltimore Ravens

This set up all makes sense, but it feels a little claustrophobic.
Needs more elbow room. 5/10.

Carolina Panthers

That’s a lot of stuff daisy-chained together off a USB hub.
Lacks a big screen. 4/10.

Chicago Bears

I don’t understand running multiple computers vs. one huge rig.
Too vertical, bad use of space. 5/10.

Denver Broncos

This looks quite comfortable. Not much desk clutter.
I’d sit here. 7/10.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Excellent seating. Addition of snack bar is a welcome touch.
Shame it’s just a folding table covered with a cloth. 8/10.

Los Angeles Chargers

Chairs need improvement. Otherwise fine.
Good moose bumps the score. 7/10.

Los Angeles Rams

I can’t get a good look at this, but it seems fine.
Slightly concerned Sean McVay has the launch codes. 6/10.

Minnesota Vikings

Stitching six monitors together so it looks like the TV section of a Circuit City in 2003 is unnecessary. Could have just as easily been a single giant panel.
Nostalgic, but not in a good way. 4/10.

New Orleans Saints

Simply classy setup. No gripes.
Appreciate the symmetry. 9/10.

New York Giants

Dave Gettleman is sitting on a dining room chair. Has one laptop he seems confused trying to use. A whole bunch of loose paper and it appears he doesn’t even own a mouse pad.
God help the Giants. 0/10.

San Francisco 49ers

This is a professionally organized workstation. Everything has a place. Everything makes sense.
I’m jealous. 10/10.

Tennessee Titans

The ultra wide curved monitors are an unnecessary flex.
Tries too hard. 5/10.


This workstation is fine. The video for it is so bad it’s incredible. Ron Rivera is not a natural actor and pretending to actually be talking about draft picks during this is the best.
4/10 workstation. 10/10 video.

And finally …

An extremely chill, totally natural-looking human.

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