The new ‘Space Jam’ jerseys went a bit too far

Untitled.0 - The new ‘Space Jam’ jerseys went a bit too far

These are a lot …

There’s been a change to the Tune Squad jerseys featured in Space Jam 2, and honestly … I have no idea what to think of them.

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This is now the second unveiling of the jerseys in the movie, with the previous ones being showed off in January and evoking the classic look of the original. They’ve now given way to a teal number, with the classic Looney Tunes “That’s All Folks!” ripple erupting from LeBron’s hip like there was a small localized earthquake.

I understand that a remake of the movie wants to stake its own claim and do something different to the original, but the new jerseys go way too far. There was nothing inherently wrong with the originals, and the new ones are a busy mess. I also don’t understand why they decided to change the font of “Tune Squad.” The old one evoked the cartoons perfectly, and even if it’s not completely applicable to a new generation, they didn’t need to overhaul it this dramatically.

Honestly, I just vastly prefer the jerseys they unveiled back in January.

But also, there are slightly bigger fish to fry in 2020 than getting worked up over the jerseys in a fictional movie — so I guess these new ones are fine.

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